I haven’t been on WoW other than doing a brewfest dungeon for a mount I realized I already had? Still logging in every two weeks for my free ilvl 700 piece, then switfly logging out.

Thinking back to even Mists I had asked myself: “What would it EVEN take for me to quit? There’s so much to do and progress in, and our guild was a thriving hub of activity and excitement”.

The answer is: WoW is the WoW killer. Never before have I not even WANTED to log in but not even CARE to log in for weeks at a time. This usually happens for me during the extreme content droughts at the VERY end of an expansion. WoD had this feeling a few weeks after hitting 100 and realizing that other than actually raiding there was very little I could do to prepare for raids.

Instead, I have been putzing (this is totally a word no?) about in FF14. Our free company (guild) managed to sweep up a small house in Gridania by the waterfall and I am now in charge of the garden, trying to cross breed rare herbs and minions (such as the Garlic Jester).

I haven’t been doing much in FF either to be honest. I do not run dungeons much other than out of necessity or to help out a guildie, but I HAVE been keeping very busy levelling up my profession classes.

By default I chose to play as a Black Mage, but I haven’t touched my “PVE” class in weeks. I have been playing as my gatherer and crafter: Botanist & Culinarian. Otherwise known as “Disciples of the Land/Hand”.

You see there are ‘daily’ missions where you create or gather things from your different professions and they give you massive amounts of exp, double if you turn in high quality items. You are also able to make decent but not mind-blowing money on all the peripheral items you gather on the way.

No there are no free gil handout missions like in WoW.

I am still far from end-game of any sorts but am enjoying flying around doing my gathering, seeing the rare proc material nodes, ephemeral nodes, seeing my gear and skills slowly improve. Good times.

Truny the Botanist

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