FFXIV: Things I Miss From WoW

Not everything is all rainbows and sunshine in FFXIV. While FFXIV currently (as at WoD Hellfire Citadel Raid) trumps WoW in terms of character progression/development/immersion, profession, community, story, real player housing, there are a lot of cumbersome points that people tend to gloss over but I shall be the reasonable and balanced player here! But let’s start with the complainy bitchy stuff first!

Truny’s Top 10 FFXIV Pet Peeves

1. Storage space (or lack of bag management addon).

Storage space is horrible in this game where you are limited to 2 retainers who can hold 140 items each, and also your own bag. While this sounds decent, as there are NO JUNK items in FFXIV, you’ll end up hoarding everything and eventually losing them. If you’re leveling multiple professions, the constant upgrading of multiple gear-sets is bound to fill up your armoury which is an additional storage of all your gear.

The fact that we can’t SEARCH for items and that a lot of items have similar icons make looking for a specific fish or berry that I stashed away ten levels ago a particular hassle.

While this is a great addition, the armoury NEVER sorts itselt to highest level item first, so this must be manually done EVERY TIME you go in. Makes it a pain to swap classes.

The guild storage space is a joke. 3 slots non-expandable. The total storage is probably LESS than what a normal person has in their bags.

2. Playing on Multiple Devices. 

I know this is FWP’y but for those of us with multiple homes and multiple computers/laptops FFXIV is a NIGHTMARE as your bars and gearsets and keybinds DO NOT get saved server side. And of course since there are so many classes on one of your toons, if you made any progress on one computer, you’re pretty much focked. There IS a way to copy over the data files but that’s such a hassle. Luckily my keybinds have been relatively standard in all MMO’s, but still an ANNOYANCE.

This point exacerbates point 1 as there is SO MUCH gear clogging up your armoury when you’re levelling up multiple classes/professions its just a nightmare to sort through and find your highest ilvl piece again.

3. Clunky Companion System.

Level 20 is a magical time for most players as they have most likely heard of having their Chocobo MOUNT fight with them! While this is an awesome addition, with stances and skills and gear and feather custom colors…..this “pet” system isn’t exactly seamless since the Chocobo acts as an additional member to your PARTY.

So this means you can’t queue for a dungeon with your chocobo, nor can you dismiss them, queue, then resummon. You also can’t jump into a duty with your chocobo out. Why can’t the game dismiss them FOR ME? If you’re a squishy DPS who likes having your chocobo as backup, well..while you’re queuing you’re on your own.

4. Scattered Attunement Quests

Perhaps I’m inefficient without seeking out information but each of FFXIV’s dungeons have a “hardmode” or even an “Extreme” mode and since I came back just at the release of Heavensward, a lot of the old content is just …old, but to unlock certain hardmode features one must know where to find the proper quest. This also comes from materia desynthing, treasure map finding, how were we supposed to even FIND these quests? A lot of them are random NPC’s in random locations. Locations I would not even think of going back to unless there was a specific resource or fishing node happened to be nearby?

Perhaps I should speak to EVERY SINGLE NPC? An Adventurer’s Guide would definitely be handy here.
5. Gathering Success Rates Look ….Stupid

When you’re out gathering the UI shows a % success for how likely you are to gather a certain item. Due to only getting 4 or 5 chops out of one node, an unlucky or multiple unlucky streaks could make that famous 83% seem like 20% or less. Which when you boost your HQ % to 50% you really then think, perhaps the universe is indeed infinite.
Take note at how these complaints are all part of having something to do to begin with to have to actually complain and nothing seems to really point at the core of the game. Nothing is breaking immersion yet. There’s been so MUCH to do in terms of professions I have not touched my PVE class in a week and that is totally fine.
Strange no?
Truny the Complainer

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