"I Started in Warlords"

Let’s look to the future. Just like how I am seeing the youth of today as my employees of tomorrow I must start adapting business processes to eventually be a “fit” for them while transitioning everyone on board for a smooth ride as well.

Obviously Blizzard did not have this vision with WoD, but what will be of the players who started their WoW adventure in WoD?

Will they be jaded Vanilla elitists?
Semi jaded BC elitists?
Entitled Wrath Babies? (That’s me)
Immature Pandarian Panda Children?
??? Warlordians?

*Yes I skipped Cataclysm cause let’s be honest we all wish that didn’t exist right? Or at least Blizzard does.

I actually have very little idea/discussion of this.

1. They’d expect beautiful art.
2. They’d expect amazing cut-scenes at the end of all zones to tie everything together.
3. They’d expect beautiful and intricate dungeons.
4. I THINK they would be slightly confused as to why their professions disappear at level 90. Unless they PAY to start at 90…
5. They would have five expansions worth of content fresh in their heads.

But so do we all.

Truny the WTF

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