Forced: Flying

I saw an interesting comment the other day that was along the lines of:

“Blizzard is forcing me to do content that I do not enjoy in order to fly”.

Uhh. Ok wait let’s look at the Pathfinder achievement required for flight:

Explore Draenor: Run around and explore all areas. Ok so you don’t like exploring.
Securing Draenor: Doing the major apexis quests. If you didn’t care for the original quest or used these quests to obtain your first 4,000…I could give you this. Almost.
Tanaan Diplomat: Pretty much means play 6.2.
Loremaster of Draenor: Most people would have 3-4 zones completed at max level. Play through the story. Oh you don’t enjoy story, or questing.
Master Treasure Hunter: I guess the rewards are boring and you don’t have natural curiosity to click on an interesting purple box.

Now I get that we used to just be able to buy flying and be done with it, but no one is “forcing” you to essentially “play the game”. If you don’t enjoy the game you won’t enjoy flying? Am I missing something here?

Truny the Confused and Forced

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