FF14 vs WoW: How Dare They!

In the current lull of WoW I have moved over to FF14 (Famfrit). Other than raiding I have “nothing” to do. DONT tell me to go farm mounts or pets, I already got my 250 mount achieve and have all the pets that I have already wanted so there can be no more joy that can be wrangled until the 300 mount achieve is active.

I’ve been playing my Black Mage in FFXIV (BLM) on and off for a LONG time since when WoW is good, its really good and takes precedence. But as of late I have progressed a lot on my BLM and I’m looking forward to completing all of the 2.0+ content patches to be able to start in Heavensward (HW).

So in my push to finish off the main story quests (MSQ) that drive the game from level 1-60, I thought I would have been in HW content last week, but there’s just so much “other” stuff to do that I actually want to progress in that I sometimes end up doing those instead of just power questing through the main story.

I understand that I am in two completely different places currently:

WoW: Full end game, have all classes and professions and have collected everything in game. It is difficult to appease a player like me with fun filled activities. I get it.

FF14: At level 50 but STILL working towards the story, no maxed professions, 1 high level class, all other classes open for trial.

However, with my current time in FFXIV I have encountered some serious issues and I am personally offended by FF14 for doing the following:

1. How dare they have an MSQ that FORCES me to do content. Why are they TELLING me what’s going on in each zone and trying to connect me to characters? And how dare they give me something to look forward to as I progress through the game! Ugh.

2. How dare they put professions as individual jobs. You have to change gear to swap to say Botanist, Goldsmith, Miner, etc, and how dare they have such an intricate crafting system where the professions are intertwined, requiring materials from other classes. And how DARE they have daily supply/provisioning missions FORCING me to either craft or gather certain items from all the professions I’ve learned, and FORCING me to get HQ items for double the exp and company seals. I actually had to GO OUT into the world and gather. What is this a play on immersion in an MMORPG? Oh wait…

Also how dare they make professions so lucrative for earning gil, FORCING me to play a profession. Why not just hand out gil via our retainers everyday.

3. Also, how dare they have retainers. Two to be precise. They act as our personal storage, AH sellers, and also have their own class and personality and can be sent on “Ventures” using “venture” coins which you earn through doing leves or trading them via company seals. How DARE they force me to do leves and farm seals to get ventures! You can choose what type of venture based on retainer class and they come back with random FUN treasures. How dare they be fun!

4. How dare they have scenarios that aim to teach the playerbase how to play and to deal with mechanics at an EARLY LEVEL. This allows low level noobs to understand the game and prevents me from judging them. These are scenarios that teach how to handle adds, staying out of bad, handling certain color adds, avoid boss thresholds/spells. Why are you so useful? Just make a proving grounds where someone ALREADY needs to be good to pass it. Pah. And then only gate content that doesn’t even require proving grounds.

5. How dare they make old content relevant! At high level, there are a variety of dungeon roulettes that queue you into old dungeons/trials/leves and reward you with current tier equivalent of valor points. Also how DARE they have a reward token to reward players for doing content. Just make all loot RNG. There are old level 50 world “hunts” that also reward current level 60 prizes that FORCE people to do old content. Ridiculous!

6. How dare they make Black Mage feel like such a nuke compared to others, and it is very easily distinguishable. They should balance all classes ASAP!

Have you tried out FF? What else do you think should offend me?

Kwuppy Turby the Offended

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