Patch 6.2 A Month Later

Let’s get right into it. 6.2’s been out for about a month and a lot of people are already done with the island content. This is scary.


I apologize to the shipyard. The thing is, the old command table set such a bad precedent that I say that the shipyard SHOULD HAVE been what was released at 6.0. A side-activity that requires a bit more thought, not the MAIN attraction. I don’t mind it, except why is the boat command table now down by the docks? We are lazy. Come on.


I did one, healed it with Valany’r. Seems easy peasy and yeah it’s for alts who need 660. Which means this is for 2nd tier alts.

Mythic Dungeon

Did it once as a 663 Boomkin, it was rough. Then we did it again on our main raiding team of 690+ and it was fairly cake-walk. But it rewards 685-700 so, not that great vs raid. They are “challenging” in that there’s a lot of damage everywhere and you have to follow mechanics….which is what heroics SHOULD have been??

The Dailies

Honestly I don’t mind them now. They are a bit repetitive but its better than nothing. I hit exalted with the bird and faction faction, just waiting on this week’s Saberon quest to reset and I’ll be ready to fly. But why?


Going into 6.2 I started to hoard apexis crystals about a week prior. Only ended up with 10k so as of this weekend I finally saved up enough gems to buy the pretty bird. Now what? It was definitely easier than grinding out Emperor Shaohao’s mount?

Hellfire Citadel

Actually I should do a quick guide on it even though I barely pay attention. We are I think five or six bosses into flex and progress is progress so we can’t ask for too much.

So here’s my mini guide on what I remember:

Boss 1: Lots of Stuff
Kill the thing, then the dude, then the machines and do it for like 45 minutes and try not to fall asleep and you randomly will just win.

Boss 2: Metroid Prime
Kill it and dodge things. Lasts for like 20 minutes, put on a good show you like.

Boss 3: Dodge Rune Stack Hands AOE.
Name says it all. Fall asleep until you get to cast your amazing AOE.

Boss 4: Council of Trolls or Something
Kill the big one, bring others low, kill the blade one then kill the caster one. And dodge things. Pet classes are nice, make your pet do all the work as you clean the house.

Boss 5: Adds Bloods Go In
Kill adds, go when you are marked and leave a clear projectile path, and go in if you have to go in. Look for the adds spawning by the side and the debuff on you and the bloods. Dodge the green thing. Ezpz.

Boss 6: Adds and together and stack and drop it good and tank add 2-3 seconds get out.
And also dodge the swirl while doing all that.

That’s about it for this patch.

Truny the That’s It

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