Human Interaction a Core Issue of WoW?

I’m not sure if this entry will end up being a WoW post or a real-life post. Let’s see where it takes us.

Just like in human life, things aren’t fun without the struggle. A lot of the struggle points of WoW have been removed and padded as quality of life improvements. Some examples include:

Dungeon finder: No need for manual human interaction, if this remained on the local realm, we may still have a reason to talk to each other.

Solved: Long wait times.
Removed: Human interaction.

CRZ: Implemented to “revive” dead zones but I still think this is the single worst decision of the game. More people = more competition, and it also perpetuates the idea that people from other realms are acceptable (eg via Dungeon Finder, except we’ll never see them again).

Solved: ??? (See the issue is why do I even care if there are other people since quests are so easy anyways)
Removed: Ability to find any rares. Ever.

LFR: This was implemented well. The fights were still challenging and mechanics still needed to be adhered to. The gear stealing and kidnapping was toxic at best, but it did feel like a mini-raid. Now it has devolved to just existing.

Solved: Allowing more players to see end-game content.
Removed: All common sense, the innate sense of accountability, and human interaction.

Profession Changes: We no longer have to grind useless greens to be DE’d to level up, but now we don’t really get to craft ANYTHING but epics which are gated through gated materials so most people just don’t. Garrisons also allow you to take on the role of any other profession you may not have. Do you even even?

Solved: Useless greens making?
Removed: Professions itself. Human interaction.

All of those points DO make the game “easier” and when dripped in slowly we don’t realize how it is affecting the entire game as a whole once they all come together.

The trend I am seeing is that manual human interaction is a burden that needs to be resolved within WoW. Perhaps if this was the core issue, then we should have designed for improving human interaction, giving richer experiences (whatever that means), rather than try to push them under the rug.

If We Start Fresh

We need to remedy the “pop in pop out” attitude that has shown a massive increase since the inception of LFD and LFR.

Even with the group finder for a RAID we see people just leave group when things aren’t going their way. We’ve seen people stealth leave to repair without letting anyone know. Is the excuse that they are REALLY uncomfortable typing? This is the perfect place to start practicing!

I usually try to thank everyone for good times. This still exists luckily. Even so, I know I’ll never see these people again UNLESS they were in our realm!

We have been running dungeons in complete silence for far too long. No longer do we need to explain mechanics. I used to have copy and paste mini paragraphs for each and every Cata heroic dungeon boss. It may have been excessive but people were learning and questions were asked. There was some “rich interaction” going on up in this bish.

If you remove the struggle as I was saying before, there’s nothing really to talk about. We no longer see endearing progression posts about struggling on a raid boss or trying to gear up or learning to excel in our classes. I am part of the problem.

Just with the latest raid, I could care less what the bosses are called and all the mechanics are “seen this done that”, our only struggle is not one-shotting the encounters going in blind.

The argument is “If you don’t need LFR, leave it alone and let the people who do utilize it be”. But my argument is that the current LFR does not exactly perpetuate or support a high-skill-base requirement. I’m not saying everyone needs to be extremely skilled, but if there isn’t any content that ENCOURAGES stepping up one’s game (which is what raids are here for right?) then what’s the point of the game (which you and I just lost dammit).

What confuses me is if you aren’t coming out of any encounter, be it a quest or a dungeon boss or raid boss asking yourself “how could I have improved, or what could I have done differently” then what is even the point?


This is interesting: Has recount ruined WoW? Recount is the issue!!

If you down a boss, that’s good right? No! You have to be the person who contributed the MOST with the lowest burden to healers. OH MY GOODNESS. It IS recount!

Why must we derive “fun” out of “winning” against our own companions? This is gross!

I’ve always asked “why do people even play if they aren’t top DPS/HPS?”, because I AM THE PROBLEM!

Perhaps It’s Too Late

Just find a good guild and hide and don’t utilize anything that takes away your ability to manually interact with others. And uninstall all recount/Skada type damage meters. I shall uninstall it the next time I log on.

Turny the WTF

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  1. Skada/Recount is totally useless. Oh look, I am in ___ with a bunch of people who are absolutely 100x better geared than this toon and I am in absolute last place. This then becomes the metric that noisy meter watching trolls (not the horde kind) always want to rant about.. Kick Elkagorasa, he's the worst DPS ever!! ON the other hand, I am also the one that didn't die from the bosses mechanic, so I brez'd the tank mid-phase 3.

    I agree, kill the dps meter!


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