Obvious Gating is Obvious: Two Bonus Objectives

On the day of patch 6.2’s launch I logged in with awe and wonder and was excited to tackle all that has to offer in Tanaan Jungle. We were getting quests to go here and go there and do this and that and in the confusion I thought something felt a little strange but couldn’t really figure it out cause I tend to miss exclamation marks that are right up in my face.

So I worked out a battle-plan on how to tackle our new “daily” quests:

1. Get the kill 20 demon/Iron Horde quest.
2. Get the bird quest for 10 things. Look out for rares and treasures.
3. Get the thing in the building to do an apexis quest.
4. Fight the Tiny Terrors if I run by them.

Ok. So I’ll start with #3, cause apparently you come back, THEN your faction person gives you a quest to go do two MORE apexis bonus areas.

On the first day I thought I was missing some rep or requirement so didn’t think too much of it, but I realized it only shows up AFTER the first apexis quest is done.

Why didn’t you ask me to go earlier?

Obvious time gating is obvious. There’s no narrative to why he has to give this quest out later. It doesn’t add to the immersion of “invading the Jungle”, why are we running back and forth? Why not merge the two quests and then add in an extra one where we go pick up extra armaments/supplies on the way?

I don’t know what else to say.

These are no good stinky poo tactics.

Turny the Stinky

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