Mandatory Patch 6.2 Launch Post

The Story

The Promised Patch, the Resolver of Woes, the largest content patch in the history of WoW has been released and we have been sent to infiltrate and invade Tanaan Jungle. The Iron Horde has been broken and Gul’dan is up to no good and has erected Hellfire Citadel as his bastion of destruction.

The Narrative

What narrative? We are first sent to the Iron Docks to embark on a thrilling adventure to recover shipyard plans from the now disbanded Iron Horde to build our own fleet in our invasion of Tanaan Jungle.

This quest boils down to running around and clicking things until you are done, then in about five minutes you hearth back to your garrison.

We “invade” Tanaan jungle by building a boat which we can’t interact with and literally running past mobs until you are told to create the foothold.

That was a pretty simple invasion I’m sure we could have done it sooner.

The New Factions

There are three new factions: Birds, Faction, Saberons. The birds just magically appear beside you once you’ve opened up your Tanaan base. No story, or lead-in, just exists and you automatically go and do some grindish treasure quests for them. Interesting enough but I’m not sure how I feel about wandering around the entire island for an hour waiting for treasure/rares to spawn to finish their quest.

Faction specific faction, Vol’jin’s Headhunters: where did they come from and why do I care?

Saberons: Why is a Saberon telling me to kill other Saberons and where are the rest of the Saberon when one guy is dolling out all the weekly quests?

Factions are…weirdly handled in WoD, they kind of just…exist as a means of grind.

Think back to the Argent Crusaders and Knights of the Ebon blade. Their story line was amazing.

Demons and Pets and Immersion

The new island is fun to explore, except when I see treasure I wonder if I should wait for the bird faction daily to click them? I’m pretty sure most contain crappy 655s anyways? Our demons got prettier, gear looks amazing out of HC, and the new Legendary pets are a “challenge” but most boil down to spamming Sleeping Gas or using the Pandaren Water Spirit + Chrominius Combo.

See, it’s nice that there is SOMETHING to do, but this is all based on the fact that there was almost NOTHING to do for current progression. Then again, the factions and rep grind don’t really help us out save for the world boss dropping 705. Baleful gear can proc as 675 but I’m already 692 and I refuse to do this grind again on my alts.

The Shipyard

Another command table. Hate it.

Mythic and Timewalking Dungeons

Eh we almost already out-gear mythic dungeons so this is possibly an event for alts. Timewalking dropping what 660s will probably never be touched?

Demo Nerfs?

The buff to mastery makes our non-25% reduced spells quite potent, but I’ll update you again on how crappy we do in HC “Heroic” this weekend.

The Short and Sweet

Beautiful jungle, look forward to exploring it more. Not sure how long it’ll last except for the raid content of course.

Truny the Cautious

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