Epeen Wreckers

Oh gosh I do hope this title does not get parsed with obscene sexual search terms.

This is a PSA and a call to arms for all those who would join me in just bringing a sliver of light into the dreadful, dark void that is: Shows of Epeen

This is not a new issue, but I have been relentless in my fight against excessive Epeen Flauntage.

The most prevalent example include the extremely over-geared and over-eager players in random dungeons. Sure they do tons of damage and pull fast, but they see everyone else as inferior and holding them back.

Now, I have been observing this for MANY years.

A NANO-second after the boss dies, they have left the group. They have no time for your bullshit, nor shall you waft in their glory. They are gone and you were just a mere tool for them to accomplish whatever it is they are doing. They won.

However, usually if I am actually on a main, it is rare to be out-damaged and you will see that that person will NOT leave right away but wait for YOU to leave first

So now I call upon those of us who are CONSIDERATE and DECENT humans who have the means to ALSO pump out L337 DPS to take a moment to thank the group, do a dance bow, whatever, then leave. You also need to completely DEVASTATE their numbers and make it look completely effortless.

You would have confounded them, gone against their very being, what makes them l337.

Then leave the dungeon and cry, because all you got was garrison resources and a 630 that didn’t drop a year ago.

Truny the Sad.

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