Diminishing the Garrison for my own Sanity

Yadda yadda, the theme of this expansion is to rant about the garrison and how it has consumed most of the peripheral gameplay within WoW. Professions and exploration come to mind.

We’ve all said it again and again, garrisons were a great idea but how good an idea is versus the actual implementation and expected results is a whole different ball-game.

The only caveat to that is that within the MMO environment, anyone with a level headed mind should have been able to “play out” what today would be with the current garrison system.

People would find professions useless after a while, rewards for managing followers is more in depth than the amount of time players spend on their OWN gearing, etc etc.

Blizzard, what are your core values? Fun? Immersion? Engagement? I thought it was to provide your player base with highly polished, fun products.

It seems that somewhere this has shifted and focused so much on a weird retention model that all immersion and “fun” had been sidelined. If you’re going to be delayed or need training, let us know. The gaming community is fairly intelligent, heck some of us specialize in corporate strategy. (Hence for some raiding is not difficult at all as there are already multiple solutions within our means, but that’s not even a topic for this blog).

Now I’ve been actively staying away from my garrison, and yes singular garrison. I do not play my alts anymore, and when I do they are out in the world.

Turby: Timeless Isle to get tokens, Nalak Hunting. ICC/DS/Ulduar mount farming. MoP Archaelogy for Uldum shards (Turby has a higher chance as he’s found the most items)
Turny: Currently MIA. Some believe he’s converted to the alliance.
ICC/DS/Ulduar mount farming.
Runy: Farming Vortex Pinnacle mounts.
Torby: Herbing. Yes I miss herbing. I still make Potions of Illusions so he has lived in Vash’jir for over 3 years.

What Have I Been “Doing”

There actually is “lots” to do, but not a lot involves being on Draenor, and if it IS on Draenor I try to stay away from the garrison, even though I currently have an ilvl 700 mission waiting for me:


Caging animals every 3 days. Maybe look for Nagrand rares for rep.
Demidos. (Completed, got its pet!)
Raid. 2x a week.
Occasionally check if the blue hippo is up.
Sometimes check for Void Talon portals.

Old World:
Mogushan Vaults – seems the breaking point for DPS to solo this is around 660?
Timeless Isle Rep and Nalak.
MoP Archaeology for Uldum Shards.

Not much.

Notice how only 1.5 of my items is actually focused towards “progression” of my character? Am I progressing my profession? No. Am I working on rep? Yes, kind of, one, hit revered with Steemwheedle! Was I gold farming? No. Saving up for gear? No.

Raid is where its at. Even then, if nothing drops, nothing drops and we’re screwed. Except I am now boycotted from complaining since returning back to raiding in 3 weeks I am fully 5-pieced with a weapon and shiny new multi-strike trinket which I will talk about maybe tomorrow!

Turny the Missing Druid

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