World of Transmog: Glyph of Felguard

Ever since this amazing glyph was introduced back in…Cata (?), Truny has been on a relentless quest to collect not only cloth pieces and staves/wands for herself but also exquisite two-handed weapons for Blagroon the Felguard.

If you’ve somehow been an avid reader many years ago you’d remember Blagroon the Felguard. Truny’s trusted companion ever since becoming available as one of the high end talents in the Demonology tree when talent trees were still in style.

We’ve been making fast progress in “heroic” Blackrock Foundry for the past couple of weeks and what do you do when no one needs a 691 warforged 2-hander?

Give it to the crazy warlock that’s what!

For whatever reason, the weapon shows up as the demonic green 670 ilvl color variation, which is actually a GOOD thing because the heroic version is actually sort of blue/aqua and clashes with my outfits!

Truny the Needs All The Gear Types

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