Welcome to 2014

Hey guys!

Yeah you thought I had quit hadn’t you? Well I kind of have, been ultra super busy in my pursuit of becoming a super accountant among other things, haven’t really been on other than to do the occasional raid and now I’ve been logging in daily to do the Valentine’s day boss, but otherwise, there’s still not much to do but to do the old mount-dropping raids or do some mining or what-not, but I think until WoD comes out I won’t be very active.

Come to think of it, it’s been so long that I think I am done my transmog hunt on every character possible, yes including TOC 25 and tedious Naxx 25 runs for all those missing weapons!

Anyways, what has everyone else been up to?

Truny the Bored

One comment

  1. I just finished bring my august celestials rep up to exalted on my tailor so that I could pickup that handy-dandy 28 slot bag pattern. Next, I'd love to get my lock's angler rep to exalted to get Nat's +125 fishing hat, but not working too hard on that. Otherwise it's LFR or maybe a pug flex raid.


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