Havoc and Trinkets and Such

Good evening!

So yeah, I remember reading a long time ago as I began my devious warpath of pain and destruction upon Azeroth..about the intricacies of monitoring trinket procs and how various procs gave average int and sp and all that nice dps-talk jazz.

I took in the info and thought “meh, if my trinket procs while I am doing something, good”.

This all changed last patch with all our fancy active trinkets, and in particular I have grown quite fond of one trinket specifically: Wusholay’s Final Choice!

Now, I *think* I have the 522 one, but all versions of them are good, and with 5.4, they made this baby proc more often and in return, it ticks down quicker. I’ve gotten really used to watching my buff bar for the special stacking lightning icon and timing it just right to fire off a couple of ultra powered Chaos Bolts.

And no I do not use any fancy addons to track my dots or buffs or whatever, I use my sense of timing, after a while your finger just knows when your dots are falling off, and after a while you get to adapt into your muscle memory the various permutations of dot combos, especially when playing demo/affliction, such as when you are approaching Meta, or exiting, or if you had to move 15 seconds ago, etc etc.

Anyways, this trinket made raiding extra fun cause ultimately most fights are snoozefests in regular. I’ve also liked timing Havoc to these trinket procs, and with the new glyph of havoc, this can result in some amazingly gigglicious crits that make you really bursty!

Imagine four chaos bolts all hitting for over a million as you time your trinket as it approaches 7-10 stacks. Bahahaha!

I also appreciate our very very simple yet intricately optimizable rotation, which allows us to even worry about this stuff.

Glyph of Havoc

Have I even talked about this before? Probably, but briefly.

So what does this glyph do and should you use it? I will not make any recommendations but its all up to your playstyle and how you currently utilize your havoc CDs.

This glyph makes our effective CD a 60 second CD (long if you got used to the 25 seconds), but it can give a total count of the following spells:

1. 4 x Chaos Bolts
2. 6 x Incinerate
3. 2 x Immolate, 4 x Incinerate
4. 6 x Fel Flame (WHY?)
5. 4-6 (Cutting it Close) x Shadowburn

And any other combo, you get the point.

From a PVE perspective this glyph is nice if you need burst and don’t want to worry about having to actually use Havoc a lot. For burst, this glyph is great for opening on multiple bosses/councils, and for execution phase, if you pre-dot everything up and spam a rain of fire, you MIGHT be able to eek out five or six shadowburn. And if your group kills fast, within 25 seconds it would be worth to have burned more shadowburns than to have used two applications of havocs. Did that even make sense? Essentially three more embers you wouldn’t have had to try to save up once a boss hits 25%, especially for close kills where you are trying to survive or manage adds and everywhere like such as.

I personally use this glyph because I also like to watch my Wusholay and try to optimize its use every minute, but sometimes this requires me to wait a couple extra seconds for the trinket to proc. It really depends on how fast your group tends to kill duplicate adds.


Otherwise, I did this week’s pet tournament, umm, did Celestials on everyone, and the only lucky toon was my DK, who now has his 2P T16 just for hanging around. Maybe I should actually play him…..

So everyone but my hunter has a 2P to play with, but yeah, I’m mainly just hanging around the timeless isle to stock up on the Magical Pet Biscuits! My pets HUNGER!

Truny the Hungry

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