SIege of Orgrimmar Tips: Wing 1 Vale of Eternal Sorrow

Hi Reader!

I guess I should apologize for my lack of LFR tips lately, considering that I’ve completely boycotted the great mess that is LFR.

With the addition of Flex raid, I greatly prefer experiencing new fights with people I know and trust, rather than potentially crazy people who apparently don’t know where their Raid option panel is in game. This puts me on the verge of being a whiny elitist, but at the same time I came into 5.4 at a significantly higher ilvl than what the new LFR had to offer anyways.

And as I’ve said before, since Flex is the new easy, why would you do easier than easy? Is that even possible?

From what I hear, Blizzard has put in an excessive amount of mechanics into LFR where the intended audience of this great mess now has to push their game up to make sense of it all.

Anyways, I believe Immerseus is only probably hard on heroic and only if you are undergeared so here are some tips from what I’ve seen:


Tanks: Swap on each stack of the only one thing that he puts on you. Run out to the side to avoid getting hit if you’ve just been hit.
Heals: Focus on healing the blue slimes when the boss splits, you’ll get a healing bonus after you heal one to full.
DPS: Kill boss and black slimes.

For the first boss, this is insanely boring for any class since it requires you to do your role for short bursts, and the wait for him to split and get back together is just zzzzzzzz.


We gotta love council type fights, and I think this one does a good job in not overwhelming us too much, and also requiring co-ordination.

You essentially want to bring each protector down to 66% then 33% and deal with their abilities.

Tanks: One get Hook or Rook or whatever. The other one get the rogue one, the non-female one and turn around when he’s about to “Gouge” you.
Heals: Dispel some magic thing.

Rook: Avoid his tornado kicks. When he does his special, depending on your group, either burst down misery to avoid stacking, or gloom to avoid the AOE. We like Misery so we don’t have to stack.

Rogue One: If you have a blood DK, throw the add onto the blood DK and call it a day. Otherwise co-ordinate and make sure you’ve got CD’s up.

Female One: Stack in the middle and kill adds.


Now I have healed, tanked, and dps’d this one. Again depending on your group, assign high priority people to use the first couple orbs to cleanse themselves. We usually do 2 high dps or 1 high dps and 1 high heals (disc priest). This will help bring the boss down in time.

Kill adds ASAP. Tanks/heals co-ordinate picking up glowy balls that the big adds drop and dodge lasers of death.

Inside The Orb:

Tank: Survive. Dodge smashes and interrupt when possible.
Heals: Heal the 3 crazy pandas and yourself.
DPS: Kill a big add and 3 little adds with shields. Should be able to kill the first 3 within 5 seconds with a well timed havoc (warlocks)

Sha of Pride

This fight is interesting yet pretty easy. I always equip my Valany’r to heal this and try to beat my “Absorbs” record every week (as a resto druid).

Tank: Taunt off boss when other tank gets a thing. If you’re non-active tank, try to help with little adds. Active tank gets the prison button closest to boss.
Heals: If you get the titan buff, you are dispelling. Otherwise just spam an AOE every few seconds and do whatever.
DPS: Kill boss, and little adds, and big add fast.

All: This fight is based on your Pride levels and different things happen depending on your pride level and when the Sha casts his 100 energy AOE:

1-24: Nothing
25-49: Before he casts, make sure to spread from the group and keep moving so you automatically run out of the big bad splotch.
50-74: You will now see a thing with an arrow anywhere 15 yards away from you. Move into it or it will AOE everyone.
75+: If you get more than 75 you should not be raiding.

He also always does little adds, which you have to move out from a floor effect, prison, then big add to kill/interrupt.

But yeah, that’s about it. Any questions, let me know.


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