Doing The Things

Wow it’s been a month since my last update!

What have we been doing? Nothing really just putzing about SoO, and then doing our weekly celestial kills.

The Casual Isle has no appeal, running around doing nothing much. Then again running around doing nothing much with no commitments IS kinda nice. You get what you get.

But I’d like to revisit the 5.4 trailer. When Taran Zhu, regardless of how useless he is, says to Garrosh that he has fought alongside the Tauren, Trolls, and others..I remember getting a slight chill down my spine. Yes! We did fight alongside one another, and what Garrosh is doing is atrocious!

I think the world of Pandaria has been laid out so well, we started out as adventurers in a strange land, learning the ways of the Pandaren, making friends on the farm, getting to know the Golden Lotus and the Shado Pan, I think they did factions right this time around.

Heck, what am I even talking about, now that I think of it the Hour of Twilight trailer was utter garbage. Really what happened? I know I harp a lot about Cata but we have to ensure that this crap never ever ever happens again!

But anyways, other than doing the weekly celestial tournament (I’ve taken screenshots of all my pet combos now), there really isn’t much else to do. Which is fine.

Truny the Fine

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