SoO Raid Updates

Oh hi,

Guess I’ve been silent again. Hmm, again haven’t been doing much lately EXCEPT I finally put my big boy/girl pants on and took a stab at the Celestial Tournament! I mean, having almost 100 level 25 pets had to be of some use right?

When 5.4 released, I didn’t bother doing the tourney, I tried but just didn’t have the brain power or motivation to put effort in even creating strategies against the various trainers. SO I put it off until this past weekend. I levelled up my Gregarious Grell to face off against Yu’la, and also an extra snail (which I didn’t even use) for Chi-Chi.

I found once you’ve found the right mix of pets for each trainer, and not needing them for the four celestials, the fights were pretty easy.

My composition are pretty close to what everyone uses:

Actually forget it, I don’t even know the names of the people I fought nor the names of the pets I used, if you’re curious you can ask me and I have screenshots of what I used to remind myself.

The biggest decision of all, was which pet to choose first?

I remember waaay back when questing in Kun’lai and happening upon Xuen’s temple, there were these little baby Xuen cubs and I had made a wide statement “I MUST HAS ONE??”.

It was a clear win right? Well, but then there’s Zao, Calfing of Niuzao, a lightbulb glowy little cow. I stood in front of them for over an hour, went away for a shower and decided on my original choice, baby Xuen. (I’m sure half the population chose him first too?)

Raid Updates

Oh right, raid updates.

Well for flex we’ve gotten up to Dark Shamans, and for reg we’ve gotten up to Galakras and…..that Galakras fight is annoying. I hate trash.

The first four bosses are boringly easy, mainly moving out of shit and doing high dps to all the things.

I did heal regular yesterday with my under-geared druid, funny how at one point in time he was one of the highest geared resto druids and now he’s just abandoned. Anyways I got a lot of upgrades, effectively raising his ilvl from 517 tp 523, except even with my 510 weapon I was top heals for some of those fights. Weird.

That’s about it really, I’ve been levelling up my Monk finally! He’s 24 and I am starting to enjoy being able to punch and kick while healing!

Truny the Slacker

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