Fire & Brimstone

Me (8 months ago): “You know what, warlocks are not OP enough I think F&B should totally affect Chaos Bolt, I mean it only does like 600k to a million per target, let the whiners complain”.

Bahahahahaha, the latest update:


  • The level 100 talent Chaotic Resources received changes to Demonology and Destruction.
    • Demonbolt (Demonology): Consumes 30% of your current Demonic Fury to deal up to 3000 damage, and refund up to 300 Demonic Fury the next time you have less than 50 Demonic Fury.
    • Charred Remains (Destruction): Incinerate and Conflagrate deal 60% less damage but generate 300% more Burning Embers. Fire and Brimstone can now also affect Chaos Bolt.

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