Fire and Brimstone Change for 5.3

Good evening,

For the last few patches, Warlocks pretty much remained untouched since we pretty much stayed awesome since the release of MoP. 

I remember when I first hopped into Beta and discovered a new spell for destruction called Fire and Brimstone, I got confused. I tried it out. It felt weak. It was weak at level 85. I found as my stat-pool went up, this spell really shone like…fire. 

The Old

As we know, Fire and Brimstone (FaB) is one of the core components of our AOE damage and essentially duplicates our incinerate, immolate, and conflagrate to all mobs within a small radius. Previously, we would have to trigger FaB for each cast, and sometimes if you trigger FaB too fast the effect won’t register and you essentially end up casting a single target version of whatever you were casting.

The New

The new FaB essentially gives us what I like to think of as our AOE Stance. As long as we have an ember, all our duplicatable spells cast will remain FaB’d. I found that this small change increased my AOE dps by a LOT. Not that AOE dps really matters for what we are doing with the exception of perhaps being able to be really OP for Tortos’ bats.

The new FaB just lets us set and forget, and for fights with more than 10 mobs we are officially stronger than a hunter’s ridiculously overpowered Improved Serpent Sting, and even frost mages. Yes, frost mages, the single most over-powered class ever to set foot in PVE and PVP can not even hold a candle to FaB (unless they are 20 ilvl higher than you).Oh, you did 350,000 dps on those slimes, well I did 800,000. Almost a million. TO the point where the tank couldn’t keep aggro. And you know that if within our current system where a tank, who merely needs to exist can not keep aggro, you are probably powerful.

The new FaB lets us perform our single target rotation on all mobs, no more casting FaB after each cast, you just let it roll. Make sure to cast rain of fire first as this spell still does not know to hit multiple mobs on a fresh pull.(Also, be mindful of our havoc/shadowburn opportunities, and keep up rain of fire. Remember to always maximize every moment of dps as a practise of good habit).

That’s all I wanted to say today. An interesting observation. We are pretty good for single target, we shine for multi-target, but before there would always be a stray hunter who would do massive dps on 10+ mobs. But not anymore.

Truny of the Fire and Brimstone

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