Raiding With Leashes 2

Good evening,

I was never a hard-core companion pet collector on the get-go of my epic journey across Azeroth. It wasn’t until the Celestial Dragon had been implemented that I strived to up my pet count and “achieve” that astral little bugger.

Raiding with leashes (1) was a great idea, it gets newer folks a reason other than transmogging into older raids, and gives creates free “content”.

On the inception of the first Raiding With Leashes, I got really excited for Raiding With Leashes 2, since I had really really wanted an Abyssal pet ever since fighting the trainer in Felwood. So on Tuesday, the first thing I did was ignore Lorewalker Cho and his problems, and headed straight to Karazhan. I was quite lucky, I got every pet but the Big Bad Wolf, then had zero luck in Tempest Keep and zero luck in Serpent Shrine Caverns.

No worries, I have 11 toons who can run this shit. I run them all through, hoping to sell off or give away duplicates. Two duplicates in Kara, one pet in Serpent Shrine Cavern, and 2 stupid Dragonhawks in Tempest Keep. Astromancer Solarian and the Fel Reaver hate me apparently.

It appears the drop rate is extremely low for content that is so trivial. A mechanic to keep us coming back? Now the drop rates seem totally fine if you for a moment pretend that all these raids were “current” again and that these pets are truly “rare”. In our pride of thinking ourselves powerful and entitled, we forget that some things are truly “rare” and that we actually have a shot of running Tempest Keep 11 times a week is a blessing (of sorts).

So now, I look forward to the server reset, I have no more useful characters who can clear Astromancer effectively (the 2nd pet I really really want is the Voidlord).

Oh, another note regarding the Unborn Valkyr, I spent a lot of time ignoring Loremaster Cho’s stuff and just flew around like a crazy person all over Northrend. Surprisingly there were more people camping the “spawns” listed among various places of the internet than flying around like a crazy person. I do believe the spawn is truly random and I will make a new post on how I actually found mine all alone in Dragonblight. (With pics, I’ve been slacking with pics).

Anyways, be patient, and engage your guildies to collect and trade, because you know once that achievement pops, the halls of Karazhan will once again grow dark, its longing thirst for your attention will be muffled by the noise of all the other stuff you have to do.

Truny the Raids With Leashes

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