Battle Pets for Warlocks: 2nd Installment


Raiding With Leashes 2 gives us malefic pet collectors access to some very warlocky pets, pets that you know at one point you had wanted to summon/control for your very own evil use.

Let me introduce the first pet, the Netherspace Abyssal. This delicious abyssal drops off of the last boss of Karazhan, which means you must go and solo the chess event in order to obtain it.

As I try to re-enact the Warlock from the Vanilla WoW Trailer.

 The chess event is not TOO difficult depending on your luck with the game “cheating”. What I always do is free up my doomguards so they can AOE mobs, then immediately free my King just before Medivh cheats and then focus fire down his king.

Anyways, the Abyssal casts hellfire occasionally when left alone, and this could actually cause some chaos in your raid group as you see people try to move out of fire. I found myself moving out of its fire once then thinking “wait, this encounter has no fire…”. I wonder if they will add in a green abyssal once the Black Temple pets are released.

“I can has lanterns LOL”

The next awesome pet is the Lesser Voidcaller,which drops off of Astromancer Solarian in Tempest Keep. This pet took me the longest, two weeks worth of cycling every character in there, with the damned thing finally dropping for my level 86 shadow priest.

This guy is awesome, I have always wanted the void-lord-with-lanterns model to follow us, or even to fight for us and our plea has been answered!
That’s about it, I have work to do. Goodbye.

Truny the Petted

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