May Update

Oh hello,

I’d just like to say that my middle exam for my accounting program has finally passed! This means that I am FREE until mid-September! And thus, I shall promise that henceforth all my posts (except this one) will be accompanied with pictures! (This probably means I won’t make anymore posts cause I’m still lazy).

Anyways. We’ve been downing Tortos consistently and are once again “working” on Megara, trying to get our heads in order. Otherwise, despite only having downed FOUR measley bosses apparently we’re still 39th on the server? That’s…kinda weird and scary and re-assuring. I mean, we only really get in 4.5 effective hours of raiding per week. That’s just…interesting.

Well, I don’t have much to say except ..oh! can I bitch about RNG raid drops?


So last week I was left with 19/20 secrets of the empire. So shitty. I do all my LFRs early in the week so by the time we raid on Sunday and Monday I really have very little incentive to do anything except rack up my kill counts on regular. I’m usually VP capped, have nothing to spend VP on and oh nevermind.

So this week I managed to get my last secret on Horridon and got the hell out of that LFR, vowing to never do LFR on my warlock ever again.

Guess what Wrathion wants me to do next?

That’s right. Get random drops off the last six bosses. Well, since we’re not there yet on regular, this is a task for LFR. Now, if the legendary chain won’t begin again until 5.4, I technically have all of 5.3 to finish this. Maybe we’ll be working on the last half by then and I won’t have to use LFR. But then again I’d like to get this out of the way and NOT do LFR. Bah!

The 3rd part is easy enough, as long as 10 people are alive you can carry the dead folk through Durumu but trying to get a FRESH queue for the 4th wing is near impossible. There’s just no time. And Lei Shen’s drops suck! Why? Why are you sending us back into LFR when it’s quite obvious that not a lot of …oh wait.

Then in due time will we finish this. Honestly we’ve been over-geared for the first few wings probably since launch. We don’t really need upgrades, right? Do I, as a destro warlock really need a mini bloodlust that sometimes brings my incinerate down to a 0.70 second cast time? That’s just silly.

Anyways, more pictures! I need to put up a guide on Serving Souls.

Truny the Soul Server

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