Tree With a Buzzsaw

 Many weeks ago when the first Throne of Thunder LFR was released, I was very excited to find out that the Zandalari Council would drop a healing weapon in the form of a fist weapon!

I used to run around on Turny, exploring old dungeons and collected a myriad of strange and wonderful weapons in which I would equip randomly to heal heroics back in Wrath. Transmogging before it was cool. Having picked up my druid once again, I managed to win this said fist weapon and immediately opened up my Mogit to find some cool transmogs. One of the most easily obtainable fist weapon was [Calamity’s Grasp], which drops off 25M Kel’thuzad. A spinning buzz-saw…as a healer, and a tree? AWESOME! I am not going to be running Nightbane in Karazhan for a nice flamethrower offhand!

Weekly Progression

This week’s progression update actually has progression within it! We downed Tortos! We put in several attempts last week at the end of raid and our healers just kept dying. Having re-thought our bat acquisition methods and allocated our turtle kicking appropriately, we finally downed this turtle-a-hole and I can reasonably say that we can do this again fairly easily.

In retrospect, I think next week I can manage my embers a bit better, perhaps saving one to F&B an immolate on all the bats, and also to keep my uptime of ROF on them a bit higher. But…I’ll worry about that this weekend.


Random Notes

Now that the entire set of TOT LFR is out, I find that I don’t have enough time to do them all on two characters. I am now picking and choosing which has the prettiest upgrades, then weighed based on which wing is the easiest.

Last week it took about six or seven queues of trying for the Pinnacle of Storms just to get into FRESH queue. I somehow managed to maintain top heals, EVEN when I was exclusively the one going in connecting the star-dots for the celestials. WTF?

It’s an odd feeling not doing everything for once. My warlock did not even touch the 4th wing. Time and time again I’d get into a failed Lei Shen run. Seriously who wipes to Lei Shen LFR more than 5 times? What mechanic is still not getting through or not being communicated it boggles my mind.

Anyways. Missed out on some rep and possible Secrets of the Empire, but then again I do not yet have a qualifying helm (still using a 483 of all things) to put the new shiny meta in anyways.

The sucky part is, Iron Qon and Twin Consorts are so easy, coupled by the fact that they drop the two more awesome tier pieces, shoulder and helm. For druids, this helm is the only model and I believe is not imitated by any other off-set.

I believe the phenomenon happening now is that once Twin Consorts dies, HALF the raid is “peace out”, because we sure did when we finally managed to get into a fresh queue.

Frustrating indeed, perhaps this will get better in the next couple of weeks. STOP QUEUING US TO LEI SHEN! And let’s end off with a cool picture!

Turny the Buzzsaw Healer

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