MoP LFR Tips: Throne of Thunder – Lei Shen

Oh hello!

The fourth and final quarter of the Throne of Thunder has been released in LFR as of yesterday and I am sure many people have questions or want to have a quick brief understanding of the Lei Shen fight in order to facilitate a smooth kill.

I am skipping over Iron Qon and Twin Consorts momentarily as they are fairly insignificant. Let’s get straight to Lei Shen.

Lei Shen

First off, you will want to assign your raid to cover the four different quadrants of the platform. I’ll tell you why later. Mark each corner and split people up making sure there’s at least one healer in each group. Also make sure people are paying attention and make sure they know what group they are in.

Lei Shen’s general mechanic throughout the first phase is that he needs to be tanked near one of the four lightning conduits around the room. By doing this, he will charge the conduit instead of doing an AOE to everyone in the raid.

Dangerous Ability: Occasionally Lei Shen casts Thunderstruck, denoted by a bright blue lightning circle on the ground. Get out of this circle!

Tanks: I believe you taunt off each other after each “Decapitate”.

Overall Strategy
The Lei Shen fight boils down to handling each mechanic at each different conduit located on each corner of the platform, and also splitting up into groups to handle ALL of those mechanics at once in each corner. Now I will explain what to do at each conduit:

You will probably tank him starting at the north conduit, and once this conduit is charged once, you will move to the east, then south, then west and so on. As he is moving he will do his AOE since he is not near a conduit, but it won’t last long as long as tanks move quickly. Heal through it.

The Conduits
Each conduit, which will be denoted by the cardinal points of the compass, N, E, S, W, each have a different mechanic tied to them when Lei Shen is near them.

North: If you get targeted by an arrow, stack with everyone as this will do HUGE damage that needs to be split.

East: Spread out, as he casts a chain lightning that spawns adds when anyone gets hit. Kill the adds ASAP.

South: Someone will get targeted by a lightning ring that will explode after 3 seconds, stunning anyone caught in it. As a healer I found this platform to be moot as there are no adds. Or perhaps it was because I was healing it.

West: Occasionally you will see pale blue circley pools on the ground. STAND IN THEM to soak lightning balls. If you do not, an add shows up and adds a lot of unnecessary damage. Don’t confuse these with Thunderstruck, which is really bright.

Hopefully by the time you’ve seen all the conduits he’s at 65%….

Phase 2: Once Lei Shen hits 65% and 30% he will teleport to the middle of the room and this is where the assigned groups go to their assigned corners. You will need to handle the stun, kill adds, and soak damage all at once in your smaller groups. Once this phase ends, kill off any additional adds and continue to kill the boss. Most importantly, someone will get targeted by the north conduit ability and must split this damage between the group.

Post Phase 2 & Phase 3: After the Lei Shen teleports to the middle (65%) he will gain lightning whip, which is a huge cone to dodge, which leaves lightning streaks on the ground. You can jump over these streaks. And after the 30% phase he gains a wind ability which is moot. Keep moving to stay on the platform, continue to mind the mechanics in phase 1 and dodge his whip.

Additional Info (Probably not necessary for LFR purposes):

One of the conduits in the room will become inactive if they have the highest charge during the two intermission phases, I believe no adds/mechanics happen in that quadrant and you only have to deal with 3. Also, each conduit gains power the more you charge them. For example, the northern conduit will begin to target additional players, requiring smaller groups to stack up to split damage.

That should cover the brunt of the fight hopefully I did not miss anything but I must go eat lunch now, goodbye and have fun.

Turny the Helpful Tree

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