The People of LFR

Good evening,

Hey reader, are you proud of me or are you proud of me? I have not moaned nor groaned about LFR woes for a very very long time. I’ve been trying to co-ordinate or take up leadership (what little of it there is) or at least voice my most objective recommendations on how to clear most of my LFR runs.

Because seriously, just do this shit right so I can get my 90 VP and complain about not getting loot as quick as possible.

As of T15, Durumu has been the sore point and honestly as long as two healers, two tanks and some DPS are alive…get ready to carry the rest of your raid as their writing corpses receive upgrades while all you get for thanks is a steaming bag of gold, and to add insult to injury, your fail bag doesn’t even have anything else in it. This is what I mean when I complain about reward vs effort. There is none and don’t expect it. /bitter

Anyways this post is about the various types of people I’ve observed going through the various LFRs and here it is:

The Unhelpful Elitist: This elitist will first off state passive aggressively that they have cleared this on regular/heroic but will not provide any valuable advice. They will scoff and scorn the lesser folk for wasting their time and that’s “why I don’t do LFR”. Well fuck you. If you’ve done the fight in a more complicated manner, why don’t you pull some tips out of your almighty fat-ass and help the group out? No one gives a fuck that you’ve cleared this on reg, let’s just get this over with.

The Bitch: Yeah there’s always one. All they do is complain about how the group sucks or that everyone is mentally challenged, and yet again they do not provide any useful recommendations for improvement. They will say “this shit is easy just do it”. Well, HOW? This is usually when I pipe in with the how as their underdeveloped brains are probably incapable of communicating their thoughts further.

The Pro Tank: This tank knows all the fights and lays out the perfect plan, co-ordinates with their off-tank and the raid follows and executes. This person is my dream tank as it saves me from having to type anything at all.

The-Anyone-Doing-Less-Than-50k dps: The min i-lvl is 480. Act like you are 480+. (I changed the threshold from 80k as that would make me an elitist, but it really should be 80k)

The Helpful Elitist: This is me. I’ll give you the tips and tricks to look out for, without boggling you with spell details and perhaps giving class tips and that’s it. Behind the screen I am wondering how the FUCK did you wipe twice to LFR Tortos?

So, in your respective roles, what have you observed?

Turny the Observant Tree

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