Ignorance is Bliss: When do we Draw the Line Between Having Fun and Being "Good"?

Hello my three readers,

Yes you heard it, I we have a new friend! /wave

So as we all know, there is a new set of quests on the Isle of Thunder that requires us to gather summoning stones to call upon and kill these rare elite mobs for weekly rep with the Shado Pan Assault (SPA). There was only two of us on last night and went off to pug in general chat. Surprisingly the island was very quiet and we only managed to find one warlock. That’s fine, I was on my healer, we had a tank and a warlock. Warlocks are OP at doing damage so we decided to 3-man Kros.

Biggest mistake ever.

Now here’s the part of the story where I want you to put on your objective glasses and try to throw away any of your pre-conceived notions of what “should” be and just listen to what happened.

Alright. We summon the boss, he’s angry and I have hots up and our tank is pulling Kros away so he has some time to run to the little add that he goes back to gobble up and heal himself. Okay.

The warlock who still has his Voidwalker up is now standing there doing nothing. Ok, maybe he’s laggy or DC or something. Or confused.

The add spawns and he’s still standing there, I start to wrath the add down and he dies ok great. The warlock is still standing there. My recount says he has a few ticks of corruption on the boss and has used Fel Flame a couple times. Ok wtf?

The add spawns again and I am unable to wrath it down, the boss heals to full. We ask the warlock to stand by the add to kill it when he spawns. But intrinsically this also meant, “be near the boss and also kill the add”.  Well, he’s just standing there. Now he’s summoned his wild imps and is casting soulfires at the boss. Ok. After about 10 minutes of trying to get this person to kill the add, he finally starts to help, but it’s geting real close because he has not yet used Metamorphosis or used shadow bolt once. Say what?

10 minutes later, the boss is dead. Longest fight ever. And we now confirm can be done with a tank, a resto druid and a warm body doing 10k dps.

In the Moment

At that moment, my inner warlock was literally asking:

“What the fuck is this guy doing? Kill the goddamn boss! Why the shit are you using a void walker and why aren’t you using all your goddamn abilities?” Why won’t you kill the fucking add? Where’s shadowbolt? Cast doom on Kros! Use a fucking imp!


Now that I think back, I made the right choice to be civil and just /cheer as we made the kill. This is where my question pops up: Where do we draw the line?

This warlock was ilvl 435 and had no reason to be on this island. He obviously had no concept of what a damage rotation was, what spells and cooldowns his class had, or even the fact that certain pets have different purposes.

As a raider, this is a no no but when you think about it, for someone who doesn’t even have the concept of these things, or the knowledge that he is actually being measured for knowing or not knowing these points, what does it matter?

For all we know he’s a 10 year old having fun with his warlock, he found a quest and wanted a group. I have let my younger cousin, who is also 10, muck about on my characters. He’ll admire my mounts, check out the various pets and ask to kill random things with all the shiny abilities. There’s no concept of which ability to cast first, or how they interact with each other since it’s not even a thought that crosses his mind. He’s just “a warlock, who can kill things”. He’ll say “ooh I’ll use Soulfire on you!” “..ooh what’s Fel Flame?” It’s that simple, and perhaps it’s us who are bound by optimization and performance who are actually the victim of the system.

Where do we Draw the Line?

So now I ask, when do we have the right to berate others for how they push their buttons? He never pre-emptively promised us that he’d be a good warlock. We just assumed. Should we offer constructive feedback? Smile and be on our way? Tell them they suck? Had we said that, I don’t think he’d know what we meant by “suck”, is there a way to not suck? (Well yes, but you know…)

This is just too mind boggling, I’ll just start armory-ing everyone from now on.

Turny the Mighty Tree

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