Deadly Cycle of LFR


I made a realization last night after coming out of another LFR set empty-handed: There is actually nothing left “to do” but LFR for end-game. And we just have to accept that this is what we have for “content”.

Ok wait, we do raid. But other than raiding, there’s nothing else but LFR. This actually makes sense. Otherwise, there’s really nothing left “to do” but log in for raiding.

So I’ve taken a look at what I call the Deadly Cycle (of content consumption) and applied it out to LFR. We view LFR as a waste of time, a time sink to keep us playing. The devs see it as supplemental entertainment, keep the masses satiated because they hunger for content.

Ok let’s use a concrete example: The Wrathion Legendary quest chain.

Unless you are in a top guild, I am going to bet that you’ve maximized your LFR use to first finish off your RNG based sigils, then used LFR for the Sha, and LFR for secrets, and also runestones. I sure have, as our group is probably looking at our first Megaera kill this week and aren’t even close to the 3rd wing yet.

So how do the players react to feeling “forced” into LFR to do stuff? How many times have you personally said to yourself “Just let X drop, or let X quest be finished so I never have to do this again”.

This is quite distressing for developers, I understand. Whoa, so they just want everything immediately and will completely stop doing whatever it is we gave them and want more? Timing and cost constraints anyone?

Players: Why are you forcing me into redundant LFR with a bunch of not-so optimal players where I am rewarded with nothing for my efforts? Rewarding based on luck is bull-shit, that afk paladin won his full tier whereas all I got was gold and I was top dps for every fight! Those like me should be rewarded for additional effort and never have to do this again! The only other way to progress is just to do this bull-shit all over again next week cause of the crappy drop rates.

Devs: So we design you this raid and you only want to do it once ever?

Players: Yes. Give me all my sigils, secrets, runestones on the get-go. 100% drop rate.

Devs: Then what are you going to do? Go back to your farm in the valley?

Players: Uh…no?

Devs: It’s RNG, try again next week.

Players: But LFR is not even enjoyable. I end up doing 12% of the damage or 35% of the total heals every week and get rewarded with what? Gold.

Devs: The system doesn’t care how much you contributed, you are just an over-achiever. Go afk or hold back, then you won’t feel so entitled.

Players: Ahh I see…

And thus, this player now just auto-follows the tank during trash and puts in minimal effort on boss fights, which triggers the decline of overall LFR quality, as if it could get any lower. And to finish off the cycle, once they are done, they find they actually have nothing to do, level and ALT and complain about the same thing all over again.


Despite how you were raised, this is what I have taught myself, that you will not be rewarded for performance in LFR. Or WILL WE? (Dramatic to be continued)

Truny the Underperformer

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