The Right to be Tranquil

Oh hi there single reader,

I am so glad that you’ve stuck with Kluptomania after all these years of my nonsensical babbling and bitching. I never really planned out what direction my blog would take, would I be a cutting edge resource for whatever I was interested in? No? Would I provide high quality commentary on hard hitting social issues and technological trends going on in the gaming world? Ehh not really.

All I wanted to do was talk about stuff and hoped that other people also have the same wants to talk about the same stuff. Uh huh.

Now if you have not been following my “progress” since the launch of Pandaria, my resto druid was holding strong, we were 13/16 bosses by somewhere like November then everything kind of just scattered to the wind.

Complete halt. Starting from square 1. Our raid group sort of reformed then scattered again a couple months ago and now I’m with a second group in my druid’s guild and also the same group from Truny’s guild and it’s all very confusing.

Anyways, instead of doing TOT yesterday we closed off T14 by essentially steamrolling through TOES and getting our Tranquil Master titles. Seriously though, the trash in TOT is harder and more annoying and tedious than TOES.

To sum it all up: “Your guild can probably clear TOES if everyone is capable of standing behind a pillar when they need to”. Yup!

Anyways, now that my accounting program is finally drawing to a close and things have died down, I have time to do things again!

Things To Do

So for the sake of collecting “rare” mounts, I have been “dedicated” to do the following:

1. Onyxia eack week on 4 characters.
2. Tempest Keep each week on 4 characters.
3. Solo Alysrazor weekly. Give a destro lock 75% bonus crit and let me see you TRY not to cackle wildly while flying through the sky.
4. Get an ILVL of 500 on my HUNTER. I achieved this yesterday on my warlock, OR
4b. Level my 2nd warlock to replace my hunter.

Why won’t a proper ranged weapon drop for my hunter? Should I just wait till patch 5.3?? Anyways, hunters have too many staggered cooldowns anyways.

And that’s about it.

Truny the Wtfthatwasn’tafullpost

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