MoP LFR Tips: Throne of Thunder – 2nd Wing

Hello my two readers!

Sorry for the week delay on posting LFR tips for the 2nd wing of Throne of Thunder: the “Forgotten Depths”. I had laid out the plan in my MIND and ASSUMED that I had posted this. Guess not. So in order to facilitate a smooth and happy run for you in obtaining your gold and VP (no items for you!), here we go!


I will again list out the CORE competencies required to downing Tortos.

1. One tank tanks Tortos.
2. Off-tank tank the bats.
3. Ranged kill Whirling Turtles, and kick them at Tortos. (He’ll take extra damage)

That’s it.

Ok fine you want advanced tips? If your group can handle it…..

1. Try staggering the turtles to maximize the uptime of the debuff Tortos gets.
2. If you’re a destro warlock, ALWAYS have a rain of fire ticking on all the bats for a shit ton of embers. Always. Always mind your havoc cooldown and gauge it towards either the turtles, or Tortos.
3. Oh, I guess those were only Warlock tips. /shrug

On a sidenote, for the past two weeks I have joined an encounter where the group was on their second stack of LFR Fail-Buff. How is this even possible? I received a lot of hate for pointing this out, that the instance was brand spanking new…well not really. Also, if you just briefly skimmed the dungeon journal you should be able to pick out the key elements of the fight. There haven’t been a TON of revolutionary new mechanics anyways.


Megaera – Three Headed Beast Thing

I’m not sure if it’s even called Megaera, but essentially your group must ride around the cavern following Tortos and kill 3 spirits and ring their dingalings.

Tips for success:

1. Each tank takes an active head and faces them to the left and right of the group to avoid spray damage.
2. Everyone stands in between the heads.
3. If you get targeted by stuff, move out of the group.
4. Kill Order: This may vary, but I found focusing on the Venomous head, then the Burning head and just rotating between these two seven times is a fairly solid strategy. So do not even attack the ice/blue head. This prevents the ice head from doing its ability which….come on you can’t expect much from LFR for people to handle this eloquently.

Ji’Kun – Bird Pooper

Again, key success factors:

1. Send a small group to kill her babies. 4 DPS and a healer is great. You’ll have to fall/jump off the edge of her platform to reach the first group of eggs.
1a. After you kill her babies, they leave behind a feather which will enable you to fly.
1.b. Flying enables you to reach nests up high and allows you to intercept Ji’kun every time she casts “Feed Young”
2. I suggest if you tend to have high DPS, go grab a feather but don’t waste time killing hatchlings. As she is casting “Feed Young”, use your button to fly up over her head and touch her goop. You’ll receive a 100% damage bonus buff for 30 seconds.
2b. You can only reliably do this if the group assigned to kill hatchlings is on top of things. Otherwise, just go kill hatchlings.
3. Everyone else feel free to soak purple stuff on the ground.

Overall, I hope you’ll find this to be an amazing dungeon to “crawl” through. Don’t get discouraged by the amount of adds, or the fact that you got wtfpwned by a snail (you’ll see), just know that the Thunder King managed to build a nicer palace than Arthas.

Truny the Helpful

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