The Black Harvest: Green Fire Quest

Good evening my one reader,

SO after my bitching and moaning about how poorly designed the initiation of the new “green fire” quest is for us Warlocks, I magically got a sealed tome last night and started up the quest-line.

I’ll try to keep this vague and spoiler free, not that there’s TOO much to spoil without going into great depth.

It starts out pretty awesome, I never knew our pets could communicate with us? This gives my demons a bit of flavor, and I shall treat them differently going forward. Silly felhunter.

Then you go do some stuff which is kinda meh, it wasn’t “go gather some super rare raegants, or kill traverse upon some strange dungeon”, then it was the final area which was kinda cool and of course I was only expecting a challenge near the end. I am super happy that Akama remembered me!

Then it came down to the final boss and by now it was nearing midnight.

My first attempt was just silly. I sat in awe as Kanrethad was channeling Cataclysm. I thought to myself “Hey! We were supposed to get this ability! OMG ITS SO COOL! AND H- *Splat*” One shot. Oops. WTF? What do I do?

On my second attempt, I actually looked at something on my screen and realized…OH you can do something. So I got farther until something got summoned and kind of messed up my mojo. It wasn’t too bad because by the 2nd wave of adds, he was already nearing 50% health.

Then midnight hit and I went to bed thinking how I could have mitigated that crucial few seconds and I realized, oh maybe I can either aggro first or do some clever maneuvering. I will probably attempt this again tonight or on a day where I’m not groggy as hell from daylight savings. =P

The Detailed Rant/Review But Not Really

The overall story and background knowledge that this epic questline brings is adequate, in that it explains away why we were so annoying back in Cata, the origins of demons and their workings and purpose (squee!) and also….now that I’ve seen what is going on……I was thinking “wait….ALL we are getting is green fire? We should get so much more power, like the ability to summon 100 demons!”

But no, let’s just be super happy that green fire is in and all you have to do is maintain high dps, control your pets and cooldowns and CC’s and kite and LoS!

Truny the Soon to be Fel

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