MoP LFR Tips: Throne of Thunder – 1st Wing

A new exciting patch brings us a new and exciting way to gear up, and what better way than to traverse the sometimes batshit crazy antics of what we know as LFR!

The Throne of Thunder is the raid of the day and the first wing has been released for all us crazy people to go in and cry over the ilvl 502 loot that won’t drop!

The raid provides rep for the Shadow Pan Assault once a week and consists of 3 bosses.

Now in order to ensure everyone has a smooth and non-crazy run here are my critical factors tips for the first three bosses.

Jin’rokh the Breaker

On easy mode he only has 3 mechanics to watch out for:

1. Lightning Storm: Stack and stay out of water and heal hard.
2. Lightning balls, if you see a ball of lightning connected to you, run away and don’t let it hit you until you are out of water pools. Also everyone else should try not to touch those balls.
3. Most importantly, the boss will turn and throw the tank at a random statue in the room, flooding 1/4th of the room. STAND IN THIS WATER. It gives you 40% damage and that’s pretty much all you need to clear this, if everyone is in it that is.
4. Your goal here is to be doing OVER 90k dps. If you aren’t, then something is wrong. I have to be blunt. With relatively high uptime of 40% increased damage, your main goal is to hit 180k+


Horridon is fairly simple. Just do the following:

1. Focus adds. They are priority #1.
2. Stay away from his head and tail.
3. If he targets you and charges, don’t be around other people.
4. Lust/HeroicAllySpell once he’s hit 3 or 4 walls. He takes an additional 50% damage after each time he smashes into a door. Up to 200%. Yes 1,xxx,xxx crits are gigglicious.
5. Someone go tank the last big add and burn Horridon. If this last guy dies first, horridon enrages.
6. Cry that your stupid loot bag STILL only had gold and not even the new useless junk that was implemented.
7. Your goal here is to be at around 150-175k, unless you are doing a superb job at interrupting and burning adds. Or do both and challenge yourself.


The council may seem daunting at first but there’s only really three or four (my brain is wanting me to type out seven but that’s too much) things to look out for that are crucial:

1. One of the bosses will be “possessed” and look like a shadow priest. Focus him/her. This possessedness moves, so always be burning the shadowy boss.
1-a. Tank the ice guy. All the others just jump around and look crazy.
2. Other than doing that, you MUST kill adds, and MOST importantly are the little sandling adds that Sul the Whatevertheshithisnameis summons. If they live through a sandstorm they heal and do massive damage.
3. Try to kill the priestess’ spirits because they heal/damage boss/players. Not TOO crucial but if you have time.

Use your own discretion for the ice troll’s abilities and also the thunder one, they don’t hit too hard, just burn adds and everyone focus the same boss.
4. Your goal here is to personally kill four sandlings.
5. Leave instance and go do something else.

Truny in the Throne of Thunder

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