Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion: Bad Design or History?

Disclaimer: This post may be laced with snark and harsh truths.

Ah yes, also known as the Sealed Tome of Aggravation. Wait what are you talking about Truny? Well, I’m sure all of you are quite curious as to why so many warlocks nowadays are a part of your Isle of Thunder rare hunting expedition.

These rares drop an extremely “rare” item called the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion, which allows the lucky warlock to take part in an epic story quest for a chance to test their warlocky skills and obtain green fire.

The Drop

In order to start this quest, one must be super lucky and have a tome drop for them. This may take hunting down and essentially farming dozens and dozens of the new rares. Though according to one snarky bitch on our server, it’s “not that rare, she’s found 2”. Well fuck you. But of course you found yours on your first kill, which means you are superior at finding things, and a better warlock than everyone else (more on this later). I am not sure of any given person’s schedules, but I only have four hours of effective playtime and this must encompass doing dailies and other random things that waste time.

The Gating

Why such an awesome element, with its “prestigious” reward as Ghostcrawler states is started in such a tedious fashion we will never know. I can only think of two class quest lines that I’ve done, and that was the hunter bow of old, and also the Dreadsteed quest line  Those were simply quests available to every hunter/warlock and it was up to them to gather the resources and test their mettle along the way for the final reward.

I’m not saying a vendor should simply sell this elusive tome, but come on, after killing the same few rares for the hundredth time, it gets old and boring. At least we VP cap.

The random drop rate may have been the “easiest” and most logical method, without factoring in the insane amount of “determination” required.

The Rush and the Reason

Why the rush to obtain green fire when we know the drop rates will be increased, and that the boss will be “easier” as our gear improves? Well for myself, it’s the fact that this is a pivotal moment in Warlock history. Think about it, when people talked so fondly of the old and dusty class quests that you will never see, you shrug it off and go “that’s nice”.

Now we are part of history. One day we will speak about how STUPID this quest was to start, how awesome the story was, and how difficult the fight is (though I will comment on that when I actually try it out, I have yet to hear from someone whose main has been their warlock for 5+ years complain).

Right now, we are those people. The original warlocks who first set foot in obtaining the much coveted green fire. If this tome drops for us soon (and good luck to all), we will be able to say “I obtained the green fire, before our gear level exceeded 500. I am sure it’s doable at 476, but unfortunately I am already at 497. We can say that we didn’t have to wait for the quest to be softened, that we were “better” and the “first”.

Ultimately it does not matter, but currently as is the WoW community’s values, it does. For example if you haven’t gotten in any heroic Throne of Thunder kills YESTERDAY you are irrelevant (bah!).

Of course, there are hundreds of warlocks who have already found the tome and are having fun with being green. They are obviously better than us at playing the warlock class because they were simply “chosen” to be the ones to be privileged enough to be lucky with loot drops.

SO Yeah

Ultimately, I am not a fan of being rewarded based on luck. Let’s just say I was raised thinking if I worked hard and knew my shit, I would reap in the benefits, and this has been true. But let’s not tie those values too deeply within a game. Let’s come back to the game.

Anything that I have been “lucky” with, I have valued. The latest moment that this has happened was winning the Life-Binder’s Handmaiden upon the close of Cata. I was “lucky” in winning but I made sure I healed my ass off to “earn” the right to win it. Had I been carried through dragon soul I would not even had rolled.

(This is why we get so pissy when the AFK 1k dps rogue wins Slabhide’s mount, and etc etc)

So what do you guys think of this design? Should all class quests henceforth be initiated through a random tedious drop? Or should we be able to embark on an epic journey like the class quests of old?

Truny the Old and Tedious

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