Dinosaurs in 5.2

Dinosaur indeed, it’s been a while since I have updated! Sooo, 5.2 was released yesterday as is quite apparently with the flock-fest at the Isle of Giants and the Isle of Thunder! Bah, don’t you HATE opening events where there’s just people up the hoo-ha, general chat is bustling with activity and questions? What’s up with this? Just pipe the fuck down and quest and get out of my way!

Why would people expect me to tell them if a rare is up? So they can steal it? Hell no! Not on opening day!

Isle of Thunder

Or it could be lightning. Anyways, I really like this little hub, despite it’s Golden Lotus Extreme. You wanted dailies? Have three freaking hubs with mobs up your hoo-ha!

I really really like this island. You can sense so much rich history and power embedded through the very ground. It’s also unlike Pandaria, all happy and sunny and it’s more “WoW” like.

I’ll comment more on this hub as I progress. Or not.

Isle of Giants

Dinosaurs! DINOS! After doing my dailies I immediately hopped onto Turby the Hunter and luckily after about 8 Dinomancer kills he found the Direhorn Learning Thingamajig. Meet [Unnamed] Direhorn. He shall have a name very soon! DINOS! I had to “give up” some pets for adoption to my other hunter, and I may have to “give up” some more to make room for some new Devilsaurs. Maybe?

And here’s a bonus photo. Sha sky!

Turny the Lazy Poster

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