New Rares in 5.2

I would like to retract my earlier complaint regarding rares and people piping up in General chat.

The new rares that spawn at the Isle of Thunder appear to tag-to-EVERYONE. Ally and Horde. Say an ally is killing a rare, help them! The mob gains HP and loot is independent.

This is DIFFERENT from WORLD bosses. Oondasta/Sha/Nalak(?). These still follow tap-to-faction rules but anyone from whichever faction currently has the tag can claim a piece of the reward.

This is nice, going into a new patch pretty much blind. I had only expected Direhorns and Green Fire.

Conspiracy Theory But Not Really Because It Makes Sound Business Sense

Ok, I have a theory going on. The little tome that drops for warlocks is being kept at a very low drop rate to keep us playing until 5.3, when the magical background “what have you killed vs what have you looted” secret ratio will be modified in our favor. Currently, finding a green fire tome is probably as rare as finding a world drop epic item back in the good old day. So probably 10 people total in the past few days.

This is clever. Keep grinding and hoping and playing. But I don’t want to…play. Well, let’s jump forward in time as we are so akin to in this blog.

Magical Time Travel Section

Hey guys, I finally got the green-fire quest tome to drop! My incinerates are awesomely fel, but now I am bored of it and am demanding new fire spells to fully utilize this green-ness. Our “fire” looks more like smoke, and isn’t rich and full and burning like real fire should be. Update the graphics!

The end.

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