The Thrill of the Hunt

I never talked about this, but this relates to hunters. I’ve been meaning to do a short post on this. This relates to the new mysterious hidden rare pets roaming the lands of Pandaria as we speak.

Since the inception of Mists, there were new pets implemented that are invisible to non-hunters. This is of course to mitigate ganking woes and un-wanted beast slaying.

I think this is a great implementation, however most of the pets are fairly easy to find and once you find them you have nothing to do with this new system anymore. Turby has hunted down a white tiger, a red water strider, a white goat, and also a purple quilen.

This new pet hunting business is fantastic. Say you are out questing and all of a sudden you see these weird tracks on the ground. Granted when I was hunting them the tracks were actually backwards, but then you become curious. You follow them and try to plan one step a head of these strange tracks. You see other hunters nearby and your heart beat increases. You must get it first. The tracks have turned or disappeared. The hunt must go on!

It was such a great hunting experience, to actually TRACK these hidden beasts. It beats the rush of finding a rare and being the first one to tag it. This is being the first to REVEAL the rare and be the first one to tag it.

I shall take some pictures with my “new” pets and shall include them in the next post.

Turby the Hunter

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