On Raid Group Progression

Ah yes, gearing up is always a fun process. With enough new loot we break each threshold and become stronger. For example you won’t feel much stronger going from 460 to 463 but once you break into 468 then 476 and so on you’ll slowly get stronger.

This is how they want us to “progress in raids”, as the group has a bit more out put and a bit more healing each week you’ll see progress so don’t worry about having to do LFR and what-not. Though one point the blues point out often is if you’re not in heroic raiding, flock off because your progress does not even matter. And the truth is it doesn’t. If you’re not getting world firsts, why bother?

I like this concept. Except in reality, you get a pittance of VP and unless your entire raid is comprised of plate wearers (or in some cases, mail wearers), I ask the question: WHAT progress? How does the plate bracers that drop EVERY week help us?

We grind rep and dailies to get lots of vendor VP items. Those are our friends. They are always there. They were intended to supplement raid drops, as if raid drops were so plentiful all of a sudden. The sad truth is you can still go weeks and weeks without seeing an upgrade, and only the tank receives any upgrades with the rest being disenchanted. Sad times.

The sad secret is, we don’t really NEED to out-gear the content anymore. (Do we?). We cleared MV in blues, the purples that it drops only makes it easier. Perhaps one day we will know what the minimum threshold is to be able to comfortably clear any given content.

For example, you can probably do the current heroic DUNGEONS in ilvl 300. Who knows.

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