Triple Ranking

My Death Knight finally hit level 90 over the weekend and after running endless heroics I got him geared up enough to run MV LFR. I actually dinged 90 minutes before our raid however he wasn’t an accepted candidate to dps. This is the thanks I get for having a powerful warlock.

Instead, I brought my hunter in an attempt to gear him up for no reason at all and managed to win a trinket off Elegon’s bonus roll. We had some damage issues on the 6th boss so I brought in my warlock. Sigh, I do miss the days when I would roll in 8 different toons for the same raid.

On Ranking

One of the joys of raiding is seeing your name magically appear on the worldoflogs ranking whether you had intended it or not. Up until last weekend my Warlock had never “ranked” since I never played her in Cata and we never logged in Wrath, as I may have ranked many many years ago.

If you see your name listed, it means that “you have an acceptable understanding of your class and how it performs in whichever fight you ranked in”. That’s it. ACCEPTABLE. What would be interesting is if these numbers were pro-rated to your average ilvl as compared to whomever you are ranking against, as well as the overall DPS/HPS of their group as well.

Destruction’s strength comes from managing Havoc when there are multiple mobs and Will of the Emperor has MANY multiple mobs.

With this, my three “mains” have officially “ranked” at least once on at least one encounter. My hunter was a rare breed of BM back in T12 and I ranked on some random fights. (Since no one played BM).

My druid has ranked many times healing random shit, however rankings for heals is totally bull-shit. It’s not “how much healing” you did, it’s “did they die?”. Maybe there was nothing TO heal. My main initiative going into each fight is how to maximize my healing all while never going OOM or at least timing my OOM to very near the last second of the fight. And as groups get better at avoidance and kill faster, there’s less to heal so I guess at least healing ranking is a good indicator right at the beginning of each expansion (up to 2 weeks in and that’s it cause unless you’re doing heroics within 2 weeks you don’t matter).

Anyways, perhaps this week I will go in with an intention to maximize dps to an even further extent, but then again it has been very hard to pay attention nowadays.

Truny the No Updates

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