Dangers of Association

One thing, oh wait, Hello Reader,


One thing that I’ve been meaning to talk about since the release of MoP was the amazing orchestral score and the various musical scores that have backed up and rich-ified the world of Pandas. If you listen to the Log in Screen track, “Heart of Pandaria”, it tells a story. An undiscovered world, full of potential, then the dirty horde and alliance bring their war to its shores and within this mysterious world they uncover much more than they had asked for.

A point I had noticed within Cataclysm is that, a lot of the new musical sequences were found in the revamped old zones, and one thing that irked me was that most of the raids didn’t have epic scores to accompany the epic battles we were fighting.

Blackwing Descent and Twilight Whatever Tower might as well have been silent. Firelands had …some sound in the background. Dragon Soul did have some musical backing but this was swamped out by how stupid the instance was to begin with.

One raid that stood out was Throne of the Four Winds, it was a short track that repeated it self I believe every 75 seconds but it added a lot of character to an otherwise WASTED Uldum zone. The tune was that of wind gusts, momentum, and eastern things.

Mists have a lot of tracks that integrate the classic WoW themes and merged them with Asian, mainly Chinese inspired tunes, with reeds and gu zheng accompaniments.

What I”d like to see are scores that play out during raids as you are progressing towards different bosses, and also at different points of their HP. The music grows more epic in proportion as you are about to land the killing blow. Think of final fantasy fights, the music itself is just as memorable as the boss. This would make 1% kills or even 1% wipes even more memorable.

Now the dangers of association, ah. Think about doing GL Dailies. If you play with your sound turned on, I bet that with the mention of GL dailies, I bet you are absolutely sick of hearing that little erhu and pipa intro rift that slowly progresses into the main Vale theme.

This is the danger. Tying an otherwise okay musical piece to the most redundant, repetitive, and boring and also lame and I can go on forever, but essentially..to GL dailies. The long chain of OMFG there’s more.

This piece always plays as we are flying to the initial quest givers, when are thoughts are still dark and murderous and once we accept the quests we go and churn out the quests and pretty much don’t hear the rest of the music anymore. Go try it out.

The music itself again tells a great story: The vale is under attack by the Mogu. You start off with tension and danger, then a hint of the vale is layered in, then by the time you’ve killed off most of the first quest hub’s requirements, the full theme of the vale comes through in all its glory.

So yeah, turn your sound on.

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