Emergency Affliction

Hello Reader,

If you weren’t already aware of my situation, I am technically in 2 guilds. One guild is 13/16 and the other one is 7/16. My druid heals for the former, and my warlock damages for the latter.

Anyways. We made our first steps into HoF, well, everyone else made their first steps, for a couple of us it was routine bug squishing as usual. I went in as Destruction and after a few pulls on Vizier Shells Attenuation Mind Control, I had to emergency hearth and re-spec to affliction just so he would die faster. I utilized the time when our PuG ninja-disconnected because we were wiping despite having been informed this was a new new group.

This was on the fly. I had to re-remember how to play affliction in five minutes and also download a dot-tracker for serious business dot tracking (and staring at the tiny icons below the boss’s health bar isn’t healthy).

I raised my dps about 12k using affliction, as destruction’s weak point is not having anything to Havoc to.

Anyways, from what I remember, I had to keep my Haunt up, all dots rolling, refreshing them shortly before they dropped off and time my cooldowns for maximum uptime, also keeping in mind to refresh dots before the boss disappeared or stunned or whatever. We also had a rogue, so I didn’t have to waste a global casting my curse. It seemed to work, and now I like affliction again despite having hoarded many many weapons for my Felguard.

Anyways, we downed the first boss and made some healthy attempts at Blade Lord. And that’s it.

Truny the Ninja Hearther

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