The Patch Stresses

Major patches always stress me out, and the upcoming changes in 5.2 are doing an especially great job at aggravating me.

How come? Well, with all the previews of upcoming changes, raids, and especially and most importantly: mounts and pets, I get quite stressed out of the fact that these will be either heavily camped and most likely I will not be the first person to obtain (or if ever) one of these new items.

This is also true with the new warlock epic quest, where it seems we have to loot some special tome. Seriously? It’s based off a drop? You know how lucky I am with those? Where does it drop off of? I know it’ll be heavily camped anywas!

Then we have new spectral porcupines, my hunter is already logged out permanently on where I think they will spawn so on the day of the patch I can log in, tame a spectral porcupine then never play my hunter again. Also, new devilsaur skins! See Puppy the white devilsaur above? He can finally fight alongside his long lost family!

As for the new dinosaur mounts, I need to know EXACTLY where the mobs are RIGHT NOW so I can go camp them right now! Then again someone with the “insane” title is probably going to be there first, and we all know who that is. Despite the rares seemingly spawning ALL around Pandaria they will somehow manage to get all 5 at the same time T_T. Being employed sucks (to a very limited extent). Do these rare elites require a group to take down? What are their abilities? I need to know NOW so I can plan accordingly!

Then again I can just wait to do everything in 2016 when no one cares anymore.

Turny the Stressed

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