Elder Charms of Give Me More Gold

Yeah two posts in one day, that’s right!

Turny the Angry Tree had a healthy stock of lesser charms of good fortune saved up since he had been doing dailies since the 3rd day of release. It was shortly before Christmas that his stash had ran out and I was faced with a dilemma.

I have three level 90’s. Two of which are fairly active, and my hunter.. who has lots of potential but unfortunately the player behind the screen does not have enough time to commit to him.

Truny the Angry Warlock on the other hand was lucky enough to be re-instated to become The Main again so she was still receiving a steady flow of charms from finishing off Klaxxi and Dominance Offensive. However, now that those are done, I think I do a grand total of one or two dailies on the warlock so she only has about four weeks of lesser tokens left.

At the bare minimum I will maintain my druid and hunter’s stock at exactly 90 so every week they can use their tokens to roll on non-existant sha-weapons and medium existant sha of fear loot.

Lei Shi

Lei Shi is the source of everyone’s rage and fury. But why? How can such a cute, scared little water elemental bring about such despair? It’s because Lei Shi drops all the fucking important items for my characters. Count it, tier shoulders, caster staff, and the non-existant gun. The ONLY worthy gun in the game at the moment, discounting the bow from MV.

Whatever the hell we do with our lesser charms to consume them, have all been consumed on Lei Shi (except my Warlock, who was lucky enough to get the Sha Touched caster sword of Tsulong for free).

Last week was a lucky week for my druid, having received NOTHING in regular raiding or LFR, he finished his 4P T14 healing set, and got extra tier gloves and I believe shoulders and helm for an off-set AND a sha-touched staff all in one go. And I only spent 1 token after receiving tier-shoulders, it bought me the staff. Huh.

I have given up on getting the mace off Empress, as it is too painful to do LFR, and really…I don’t need THAT much spirit.

My warlock was also lucky, she got tier shoulders off Lei Shi last week for free, thus saving a token for me to use on real Elegon for a small chance at his awesome mount!

My hunter has many sad. I have a feeling that unless they put in a VENDOR bow/gun that I can buy with VP I will never see anything beyond a rare quality weapon. Then again my hunter has no purpose this expansion anyways.

So in conclusion, Lei Shi can suck it since I am done with her now, let’s see those nipples shimmer lightly now!

Turny the Say Wha?

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