Maximizing Your Destruction

Wow hello friends it’s been quite a long while since my last update!

A short debrief in the real life world. I am in the second module of my professional accounting designation program and thus haven’t been doing much but pet battles and levelling pets and well, the usual.

Let’s start off with a rant, I don’t believe there would be a legitimate Kluptomania post without some sort of rant embedded within the walls of text.

Pet Battles: Singing Cricket

As most OCD achievement hunters are, the oh so time consuming but relatively simple goal of levelling 75 pets to level 25 was one of the “things” I had been working on passively.

I like this achievement in that it allowed me to utilize two strong pets to essentially “carry” a low level through ALL of the trainers. Yes, even the earth Pandaren spirit is totally duo-able if you open up with a Darkmoon Rabbit.

Having found the “right” pet for each trainer, I would try to tag in a level 22 pet for free exp, then as time went on I’d use lower and lower levels, all the way down to 5 sometimes if they’re contribution was not needed and won’t die in one round.

Anyways, the reward at the end of the rainbow wasn’t even that important anymore but when the achievement eventually popped, I was rewarded with a Singing Cricket.

If you look at its max stats, 1546 HP and 273/273 atk and speed. It’s not even that great! What the hell? It’s color isn’t even unique! And it doesn’t even SING (for the Empresss)!

Could the pet for this achievement not have been something a bit cooler? Who the hell wants another grasshopper who doesn’t even have a unique move-set? I mean, all it would take to make this “worthwhile” is to add a pair of sunglasses or goggles to the cricket and make it super cute! Right?

Trolling PVP Pet Battles

This is an activity in which I am guilty for. I mean, my trolling teams win 75% of the time, but their entire purpose is to give someone the gift of frustration. Be it queuing 3 pets with reflect, 3 undead pets, or 3 pets with multiple stuns and traps. So annoying and stunful.

PvP pet battles is quite time consuming, as I tend to fall into the “just one more battle” trap. I am currently at 146/250 wins for the next step of the achieve. (This was 145, as I like to do just 5 a day, but the last win was a test of another one of my trolly teams).

Maximizing Your Destruction Warlock

Ok now down to the nitty gritty.

Today I am going to talk about some of our nifty wifty spells in Destruction. Just a re-visit.

Havoc: Our spell duplicator.
Chaos Bolt: The truck.
Shadowburn: The new kill shot.
Fire and Brimstone (F&B): The OMG lots of fier!

From a logical bystander view, destruction is a fairly “simple” spec. The gist is, put on your dot, then spam incinerate until you have enough embers and use your embers on chaos bolt, or shadowburn.

In single target, you may time your demon soul cooldown and “build up” lots of chaos bolts, then attempt to build up embers for sub-20%. Or you might even use your demon soul cooldown to build up embers faster with a combination of incinerate/chaos bolt.

Ok, what happens now if you have two mobs? How do you maximize your damage? Remember, as a warlock or any dps spec your sole purpose is to maximize your damage in every given moment based on every given scenario of every fight.

So now, do you use havoc and split your chaos bolt into 2? Or do you wait until one mob is low enough health so you can duplicate three shadowburns onto the other mob? You have to have decided this on pull and plan your “spell schedule” accordingly. Perhaps they have enough health that you can actually split a chaos bolt AND build up enough embers and wait off the cooldown of havoc to split shadowburns 3 times.

Now think of this scenario with three, or four mobs. I don’t tend to use Fire and Brimstone unless there are 10 or more mobs, as a F&B’d incinerate on all mobs will generate a full ember back. Then you can either havoc and chaos bolt some mobs, or havoc and shadowburn some low health mobs. You must decide this step before most of the adds reach 50% health because you, my friend, hit like a truck.

Rain of Fire. This is a high mana cost but essentially “maintenance free” spell that can generate extra embers and damage. I like to cast this when there’s nothing else to do and my mana has regen’d to near 100%.

So yes, interesting things to think about the next time you are burning face with trucks.

Truny the Troll

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