Year of the Pets

Blah blah blah new year blah blah.

There now that we’ve gotten that out of the way.

Christmas break was a very un-productive break for me, despite extensive feasting and partying my brain remained relatively idle for the dozen days or so that I had off. That was exactly as I had planned.

I didn’t do much except for Pet Battles over the break. Yes, did you know I’m a collector of shit? No realy?

I got hooked on PVP battles for a bit, until I ended up fighting the same people over and over, and their teams just couldn’t beat my “super annoying trolling team”.

Pet Battles

My main team consists of:

Darkmoon Rabbit
Anubisath Idol
Mr. Bigglesworth

This is my annoying team. The DM Rabbit has a nice dodge and burrow and a bleed and is speedy as hell.

The Anubisath Idol is my reflector/tank, and Mr Bigglesworth’s only purpose is to setup a Prowled Ice Tomb, which usually one shots anything.

My 2nd team that I like to troll with is my pure undead team.

Mr. Bigglesworth
Restless Shadeling – to counter flayer’s/anubisaths
Scourged Whelp – to reduce heals and do party damage.

Well I bore of talking about pet battles.

Questing – Dominance Offensive

I kind of like the format of this type of story-driven questing, every few thousand rep you get a new snippet of the story, rather than just grinding to each rep tier for useless upgrades. The sad thing is Krasarang Wilds is so far away that I usually just ignore doing these dailies. Also, despite my warlock’s questing powers, being able to pull 12+ mobs, actually aggroing 12+ mobs against my will is really annoying. Also, dailies are annoying in general, this will always be true.

2013 Goals

Easy. I’ve been running Tempest Keep and Onyxia’s Lair weekly on three toons in hopes of obtaining the coveted mounts within each of these raids. My hunter is having the hardest time with Kael’thas without doing some fancy LOS dancing and pet juggling, but he’s been getting the job done. It seems everywhere I go I am haunted by someone riding one of these mounts, taunting me. No seriously, everytime I’m out doing dailies I see someone different on an Onyxia mount or Ashes, so it must be ultra common and should drop anytime soon right?

I’ve given up on checking the various time-losts, with CRZ there is no way in hell that I can even SEE any of the rare mobs, let alone tag one. Speaking of which I have yet to see ANY rare mobs in CRZ zones….

This was a rather random useless post. I shall talk about something more productive this weekend.

Truny the Mountless.

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