Weekly Progress Report: 12/18/2012

Hmm it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Well, enough chit-chat. We are officially 13/16 of the silly little raid bosses as of yesterday, with Empress Shek’zeer downed we strolled into TOES and slayed the Guardians before calling it a night.

Empress was messy. Let’s just say we had some unfortunately timed explosions and also an add up into phase 3 but we survived. Somehow. I won’t dwell on that point too much.

Healing Shek’zeer

Apparently this is one of the most healing intensive fights. Well, sorta. I find it’s mainly timing and cooldown management, as is every other fight out there??

Otherwise, I haven’t been doing anything else. Dailies are a thing of the past. I’ve camped my toons by ALL of the battle pet masters and have been doing those dailies instead.

Dominance Offensive? Meh, I don’t care my druid is NOT going to grind another faction. My warlock does about 2 sets a week if I feel like it. The story I should say is quite interesting and I am definitely looking forward to the next stage of my progression. However dailies suck and seriously, Krasaran Wilds is SO far south who the hell has time to fly all the way down there? Not me.

I also finished my first legendary gem several weeks ago but again, what the hell am I supposed to put it in??

Turny the Lazy Tree

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