Weekly Progress Report: Actual Progress

It’s Tuesday! Tuesday means that everything has reset, for us to do it all again in a more efficient manner.

Last week was the release of Mr Bigglesworth. Go look him up. For collecting 12 rare drop pets from old world raids, you are rewarded with an awesome icy whiskered kitty from the depths of Kel’thuzad’s prison. Or whatever.

In an effort to never have to do old raids again I sent ALL my possible toons into Naxxramas, AQ40, and MC and managed to find all 12 pets. Perhaps I’ll visit them again to make some money or help others finish their collection. I mean, I did respec to Fury for Viscidus after-all.

In the raiding world we are doing great. Just last week we were still on Garalon and as of yesterday we are 5/6 HoF, with Ambershaper Un’sok’s corpse rotting happily away. I also won my FIRST upgrade after setting foot in Heart of Fear, T14 legs.

This is on my druid by the way. T14 legs are nice, however, my warlock has won THREE T14 legs off of the Sha of Anger! I don’t have enough specs to use them all!

Perhaps this week will be a lucky week and I will finish my healing 4P, then I can report on it. It reduces our swiftmend by 3 seconds. Very interesting indeed.

Turny the Distracted by Battle Pets

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