Fiery Warhorse: Check

With the release of patch 5.1, I once again rationed my available alts to “camp” out the locations of all the various new battle pets.

I was quite distracted as were doing our weekly MV, and was creating a priority list of which pets to catch. I had narrowed it down to the new mechanical animals, the infinite whelp and also the kun lai yeti.

I was lucky to see a spawn of the Anodized Cub and decided to check out the Arcane Eyes near Karazhan. Again, my lucky paladin managed to find one stray eye, a poor quality, but an eye nonetheless and realized her hearth was down.

“Well, I might as well go kill the horseman while I’m here” I thought. About 100 stuns later I looted the horseman’s corpse and amongst the mess was…The Fiery Warhorse Reins!

Ack! Well that’s one check off my Very Long Term Bucket List. I had given up on farming Kara for this mount as the fight was relatively trivial and that the mount has only ever dropped twice in our guild.

Truby the Horse Hunter

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