MoP LFR Tips: Terrace of Endless Spring

Hello reader! I totally forgot that I was supposed to finish up my MoP LFR Tips pages!

We have been making slow progression in the real raiding-land, with Garalon successfully dead, we are now beginning to work on bosses that drop real T14 tokens for real tier items. Exciting! (But not really)

Anyways, to get into ToES, one must have completed the HoF achievements by having killed all the bosses.

ToES is relatively easy except for Tsulong. Tsulong is another fight that requires RAID WIDE co-ordination and from what DS has taught us, is that it taught us to tunnel vision and ignore mechanics.

SO here we go!

The First Guardian Bosses

I have no freaking clue what these are called in game, but essentially they are 3 Jinyu guardians who have been corrupted. This fight is almost idiot-proof and the only thing I see that you can do is:

  • Dispel/purge the heal effect that the healer dude puts on the other fishes.
  • Prepare yourself for lightning rings, stand out, then run in to avoid the multi-step lightning AOE, it hurts, but not too hurtful, but come on, just try to stay out. You’ll see.

Tsulong either goes really great, or really bad.
I think Tsulong deserves a srs bsns paragraph to describe the intentions of his mechanics.
Tsulong is a DPS and healer race. Ignoring all other mechanics for now, essentially Tsulong shifts between two different phases, day and night. During the night, you DPS him hard while avoiding damage. During the day, you heal him hard and protect him.
Ok, the reason is that during each phase, his health inverses to whatever you put it at. Say at the end of the first night phase you get him to 60% health. When day flips over, he’ll be at 40% health that you have to heal up. Say at the end of this day phase you heal him up to 60%, at the next night phase, he’ll be down to 40% health.
Got it?
SO the key is to do lots of damage, and lots of healing.
Now I shall explain the phases.
  • Night Phase: There is a sunbeam on the ground. The main purpose of this beam is to eliminate his stacking AOE debuff that ticks for something like 20k. I recommend building up about 10-15 stacks of this debuff based on your ability to survive, then dip into the sunbeam to remove the debuff and spread out.
  • Spread Out for Night Phase: Why? During this phase he summons random purple circles on the ground, where if you stay in them you get feared. And the circle is big. If everyone is grouped up, everyone will get feared. This is a HUGE dps uptime loss. And we want lots of DPS.
  • Day Phase: Healers, stand in front of him and wait for him to do a cone attack. You want to be hit by this as you regen mana and do 500% healing. Heal the fuck out of him. When he gets debuffed, DISPEL this immediately. I believe it’s called Nightmares. Nightmare ticks for 2% of his health, which is a lot. Think about it this way, for each 2% tick, you have to either heal back 2% more or do 2% more of his health in damage. If this ticks for its full duration, you might as well wipe or kill yourselves.
  • Kill Adds in Day Phase: Focus on the unstabale adds that spawn on the outer ring, if they reach Tsulong, he takes 2 million damage. 2M damage that you either have to heal back or dish out in damage.
That’s it. If you hit the enrage, either heals sucked, or dps sucked or stacking sucked. You’ll know.
Lei Shi

The 2 bosses after Tsulong are snoozefests. When Leishi hides, AOE the corners to reveal her, then if she summons guardians, focus fire on one and if she pushes you back, run towards her for reduced damage. Blah.
Sha of Fear

Sha of Fear is relatively easy but still requires slight explanation.

Tanks should take turns standing in the golden light, which generates a wall behind them preventing his big fear attack and reducing damage taken.

Occasionally he’ll send a group off to the side platforms. Kill the add, then click the portal in the middle to return to the fight. Healers make sure to heal hard and touch the little orbs around the add to get mana back.

The Sha also summons adds that’ll wreak havoc outside of the light wall, you must run behind them to DPS them. The thing is, if you are outside of the wall, you are susceptible to his high damage fear, which the Sha casts when he is full energy. Run back in the wall when he is at around 80 energy.

Easy sneezy!

Truny the Tipper


  1. just came accross this blog when doing a google search for lfr tips and strategy. yours was the only site i came accross with a simple lfr specific guide. its easy to follow and easy to put into practice.

    keep up the good work.


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