MoP LFR Tips: Heart of Fear

Welcome to my continuing post on LFR tips for the new raid finder encounters in MoP, today I will provide some quick tips for the Heart of Fear.

I am too lazy to open up a new tab to research what the names of the bosses are so just bear with me.

Imperial Vizier Vorlok

It could be Zorlok. He consists of 2 phases, with phase 1 being a “preview” of each of his cool abilities, and the 2nd phase being an amalgamation of all the abilities until he is dead.

  • Attenuation: If the boss flies to the left side of the room first, he will cast spirals of DEATH that you must dodge or you will DIE. Well you only take 50k damage in LFR mode but don’t touch them for good practise. A nice trick we’ve noticed is that these shoot out in a spiral so you can just run around the empty spots. Or dodge!
  • Verve and Swerve: This may or may not be called that, but if he flies to the RIGHT side of the room, STAND UNDER THE SHELLS that he summons to reduce his yelling ability’s damage by 40%. Last time I caught 5/6 healers standing outside on the brink of death. DO NOT wipe the raid and waste everyone’s time.
  • MC: His last ability occurs when he flies to the top of the room and will MC random people. DPS them to 50%.
Blade Lord Tayak

This boss is much easier than his real counterpart and can be done with a couple healers and five sane DPS left alive. You’ll see what I mean.
For this boss you want to spread out around him as he’ll throw out tornadoes and also “hit” random person with a debuff that ticks for high damage every 3 seconds. If you get hit and you are near someone, they get debuffed as well.
His most important ability is when he disappears and a magic arrow appears on someone’s head. At this point, as this is raid finder I recommend stacking onto the TANK and melee as he’ll do a huge cleave that does split damage to everyone in the cleave. Most likely you’ll have a lot of people die to this since his cleave is hard to control anyways.
Once he hits 20%, you get to have fun with tornadoes. I recommend that at 11%, most DPS should slip into the slip stream that has formed and blast to the other end of the room to await the boss’s demise.

This either goes great, or not so great.
1. Assign at least 2 people to be the Pheramone bitches. One person, preferrably ranged will pull the boss, and EVERYONE must be patient. They have to wait for this ranged person, who should run up real close to the boss to receive a debuff, and this person should kite the boss slowly around the outside ring of the room.
If an impatient warrior charges in on pull, he will most likely get the debuff and spread it to everyone wiping the raid.
 Everyone else should stay near the middle, away from the person who is kiting. Once this person has 20 stacks of debuff, the 2nd person should pick up the debuff by “touching” the debuffed person. Hence why everyone should be away from the original kiter, in case pheramone jumps. That’s peramones, and most likely some people are familiar with this but are too lazy to do the kiting. Though I’m not sure if LFR stacks the debuff any higher than 20. If so, only one person needs to kite unless you really want to reset stacks.
Pheramones do I think 10k damage every 2 seconds to the entire raid, with increasing damage every stack that the kiter has. So if 4 people accidentally get pheramoned, you have 4 x damage going out. Dead.
2. Everyone DPS his legs. If possible, try to stand within the little circle around his leg to get a damage buff against his legs. This does the leg’s total health in damage to the boss and slows him down to save the kiters.
3. If all the legs are dead, hit his body.
4. STAY OUT FROM UNDER HIM. This is denoted by a purple circle. If you touch his no-no spot he will cast Crush which does huge damage to the entire raid and stuns everyone.
Wind Lord Mekalajak

Who the hell knows what his name is. This boss is rather simple. Pick up the spears around his room and on the initial pull, CC one of each type of add that he has. 
Now burn down the healer add.
Then burn down the other add.
And burn down the 3rd kind of add.
Do not use any external CC’s other than the ones provided by the mechanic.
Burn the boss. Collect your gold and complain.
Amber Shaper Unsok

The reason amber shaper unsok can potentially be a difficult encounter is that it puts the onus of keeping everyone alive, and doing things right to so many people. Here’s a quick list of priorities for your success.
1. Ranged focus on amber slime adds. Make sure the entire area is clean of them and kill them when they spawn.
2. Everyone focused on MC’d people. Mind controlled people in this encounter turn into Amber Monsters, you will see these yellow golem like people running around. DPS them to 20% to free them since once they run out of “control”, they die.
Now the important part.
Anyone who is transformed has 2 important roles. If you are in Phase 1, stack your “1” ability on Amber Shaper, this does 250k damage to him and stacks a +10% damage taken debuff on the boss so he’ll die faster.
Also, pay attention to where your cast bar is. Occasionally the controlled people will “explode” hit your “2” button to stop it.
That’s it.
In Phase 2, the boss goes IMMUNE, so anyone who is controlled should stack their “1” button on the giant amber monstrosity. You can’t miss it.
Also if you are running out of control and no one is DPSIng you, go use “3” to eat a slime pool. You gain back 2M damage but it may delay your death.
Once the monstrosity is dead, continue to kill adds and stack the “1” button on the boss who is active again.
Grand Empress Shek’zeer

She is quite simple (phew) luckily. Tank and spank. Tank and spank her adds, then dispel anyone who is running in fear in P3. No seriously, that’s about it.
For healers if you want to be picky, you can track her wind bombs and prepare any cooldowns for when their energy is running low since they explode for moderately high damage.
Feel free to ask for clarification or additional tips that I have missed.
Truny the Impatient

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