MoP LFR Tips: Mogu’shan Vaults

Now now calm down, I know I said I’d stop writing tips and reviews but let’s face it, the more knowledge we have out there the better it is for all. In order to facilitate a smooth run where everyone can get their gold, item (yeah right), and VP as quickly as possible and never see each other again I am going to provide my Quick Tips for LFR.

And honestly you should not be wiping in LFR. That is just sad.

First off is Mogu’shan Vaults (MV).

Stone Guards

This is the first boss in MV and consists of 3 random dogs with varying abilities. From what I’ve seen in raid finder, the tanks just hold them all together and everyone just AOE’s them down while the healers heal through everything. With that said, here are the abilities to take note of to save your healers some stress.

  • Cobalt Mines: Activates with the cobalt guardian and is a crystal that will deal damage and root you when it explodes. Move out of the blue circle.
  • Jasper Chains: If you are chained to someone, run close to them or you will burn to death. Ideally ranged would run to melee so the melee can keep poking.
  • Amethyst Pools: Stay out of shit.
Feng the Accursed

The second boss has 3 main abilities that I would like to highlight.
  • Earthquake: I think it’s called something else but it’s an earthquake. Stack up to heal through it if the tanks don’t know how to use a shield. Make sure to spread out in case the boss casts a lightning fist onto the ground.
  • Wildfire Spark: In P2, just keep doing what you are doing but pay attention to Wildfire Spark. If you get this debuff, run out of the group and will drop some fire onto the ground. DO NOT drop a pool of fire into the melee or ranged groups. Most likely people won’t see this and you’ll kill them.
  • Arcane Resonance: This is probably the most important ability which occurs at P3. If you get a debuff on you and you start pulsating arcane energy, run away from everyone so no one is inside that little circle. For every person in that circle the damage increases. So if you are in melee with EVERYONE…yeah.
Garajal the Spiritbinder

This is the last boss of the 1st half of MV and probably the easiest.
  • Healers take note of anyone with Voodoo doll debuff on them. They take damage with the tank.
  • DPS make sure to click the totems around the room which are spawned periodically and go into the spirit realm to kill spirits, they do damage to players in the real world. ALSO click the special button you see once you are done to come back to the real world or else you die. You ALSO get a nice damage debuff aftewards. Healers can also go in to refill all their mana when they come back out.
Spirit Kings

The first boss of the 2nd half of MV. He consists of 4 “phases”, which get more and more “complex” as the fight goes on.
  • Qiang: PLEASE stack with the tank in FRONT of the boss to absorb his huge cleave attack, then run through the boss for his huge smash attack (denoted by a very obvious animation)
  • Xian: Kite shadows and kill them as necessary.
  • Meng: Group up to lightly AOE each other, and when he starts running away he will stack a debuff on himself that will slowly reflect more and more damage going from 0 to 100%. This is when you will see lots of people die.
  • Subetai: Dodge his volley and free anyone stuck under his pinning arrows.

Elegon would make a nice mount. He also deserves a real paragraph.
In P1, everyone will be inside the celestialy looking area for a 50% damage and healing received buff and pew pew pew. Elegon will spawn an add that should be nuked down.
Elegon will then begin to “Draw Power”. This part is crucial. Once he is finished casting, he will send 6 orbs to the various pillars around his platform. The raid should split up and make sure each orb gets killed before it reaches the pillar. For each successful wave of orbs dead, Elegon receives a +% damage received buff, which is great for burning him down faster in P3.
IF THE ORBS don’t get killed, PAY ATTENTION. If an orb reaches a pillar, you will see a pillar pop up and this is your queue to get out of the middle since the floor will completely disappear and you will fall to your death and people will call you very mean things.
Once the pillars are up, kill the pillars, stay out of lightning pools and kill the adds.
That’s it. Rinse and repeat until he does this a 2nd time. After the 2nd time, stack on Elegon and burn him down.
Will of the Emperor

This is the final encounter in MV and has a lot of tank dancing and add control. I will provide tips for individual roles.
  • Tanks: Your only goal here is to survive and also dodge the giant construct’s “combos”. They will either slash to their left or right, or do a smash. When you see them winding up to slash left, dodge right and you get a buff. If you see them raise their leg, they are about to stomp, so move back. Each time you dodge you gain a buff and once this buff reaches 5 points you get a special “opportunistic strike” ability that hits for 500k. This should be a steady source of damage for the raid since…
  • DPS: Your main goal is to kill all the adds before even touching the big emperor constructs. CC rages, keep Strengths out of the raid as they stomp, and burn down Courages from behind. You are allowed to DPS the boss only when ALL the adds are dead.
Ideally, you will know if your group is good or a fail by telling how many adds are up by the time Titan Gas, a mass AOE damage phase, hits. If only one mob is just dying as this phase hits, you should be good as long as everyone is consistent. Also, anyone comfortable in melee, including hunters or healers can also deal with opportunistic strikes.

So that’s my short run-down of MV.
Truny the Impatient

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