Time To Induce Change!

Instead of bitching and moaning like an old person about doing dailies, I have decided to enrich my own experience along with anyone else who cares.

When I do dailies on my warlock, who does them either with guildies or solo, I like to help anyone else, be it horde or ally to kill their mobs. Why? Because we are so damn efficient and seeing those poor souls kill so slowly makes me anxious. I’ve received many a cheer/bow/thanks.

Thus, the next time I do dailies, and everytime I do so onwards, I will send a quick message into general chat saying:

“Starting an open group for [Reputation] dailies, send me a tell and feel free to join and leave as you please, we just want our rep and VP so let’s get these done faster!”

The group won’t do dailies “together” but will be “grouped up” “together” with a similar goal, regardless of our progress. This may take a while to work out some kinks, but essentially my goal is to do this consistently enough that perhaps other people will start adopting the same thing: Guild Wars 2 style questing. This also might not work on the warlock since she’s usually done any given hub in 3 minutes, perhaps even before the other party members arrive on scene for the slaughter.

The overall sense is that you show up, kill something/do something and you contribute to your own progress and maybe even someone else’s progress. The only downfall is that there is a 5 person limit to this and depending on how spread out we are this could get weird.

But it’s a start! This is also a really good way to alleviate the woes of “Fatty Goat Steak”…right?

Turny the Fat Goat

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